Free photo program

As it often costs a lot to recover photos lost on Windows 7 by means of a professional data recovery company, quite many people tend to seek for a free photo recovery program to resolve the problem. Undoubtedly, plenty of programs can correctly contribute to recovering photos, but most of them perform it with troublesome operations. Namely Windows 7 users have to look for needed photos one by one after all photos have been searched out by free photo recovery program. It is absolutely time-consuming and inconvenient, so users are anxious to seek a free one with the function of filtering. Congratulations! With the development of software technology, programs such as MiniTool Photo Recovery can greatly meet the demand.

MiniTool Photo Recovery

MiniTool Photo Recovery is a free photo recovery program, owning lots of merits.
  • Support Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Sever 2003/2008/2012, etc.
  • Support HD, mobile HD, SD card, flash drive, memory card, CD, etc.
  • Support photo recovery as well as video, audio and other digital file recovery.
  • If storage devices encounter soft errors such as mistaken deletion, mistaken formatting and virus affection, here MiniTool Photo Recovery will provide with a feasible solution to restore precious photos.

Recover Photos on Windows 7 via MiniTool Photo Recovery

If MiniTool Photo Recovery is chosen as the one to do photo recovery on Windows 7, users should go to download and install it at first. Launch the program, and here we just need 4 steps to finish all the operations to recover photos as follows.
Step 1: Click button "Start" at the bottom right corner of the main window to begin photo recovery.


Step 2: Select the target partition where photo loss takes place and scan the full partition along with the help of relevant prompts.
Step 3: Filter needed photos by clicking "Filter". After step 2, considerable photos searched out by the free photo recovery program will appear. If considering it hard to find the target ones among colorful photos, here we can turn to "Filter" for help. Click button "Filter" to filter photos via filename/extension or size and click "OK" after the setting is over.


Step 4: Save the needed photos to a safe drive. Because we have eliminated lots of photos through step 3, here we can easily find target photos. At last, check needed photos and save them to a safe place.

This is all about how to have photo recovery on Windows 7 by using the free photo recovery program MiniTool Photo Recovery. If people want to know more about the tool, please click official website.