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Free photo recovery from memory card

Doing free photo recovery from memory card is the best method to recover photos when we suffer file loss. Generally speaking, many people have met the following condition: When we connect memory card with computer, Windows 7 show us the message that "Memory card is not formatted, and format it now?" This trouble is caused probably by hot plugging the memory card to lead to logic damage on memory card.

Here we will share MiniTool Photo Recovery – an excellent tool for free photo recovery from memory card. This photo recovery software is to restore photos from memory card quite powerfully with so simple operation. What's more, it does full scanning on storage devices with the method of read-only, so it can do no harm to the files on the memory card while doing photo recovery.

Free Photo Recovery from Memory Card with MiniTool Photo Recovery

If users want to recover photos by resorting to the photo recovery software, just go with us as follows.

Preparation Work

Download MiniTool Photo Recovery at first and install it then on computer to prepare to recover photos.

Operating Steps

Launch the program to begin to restore photos and come to its main window as follow.


1. Click "Start" to begin the process of free photo recovery from memory card.
2. After step 1, all storage devices will be displayed in front of us. Now we need to select the target memory card on which photo loss takes place. And click "Scan" at the lower right window to scan the memory card fully.
3. When scanning is over, we will see all multi-media files (Photos are also included) on window. What we should do is to find the needed photos by means of filtering or previewing, check target photos and click "Save" after we have located the files.
4. When we click button "Save", a window will pop up spontaneously to let us save corresponding photos. Here we are required to choose a safe drive to save needed photos along with the exact prompts (Attention: Do not save the recovered photos to the original memory card directly and saving to other workable storage devices is advisable). Lastly click "OK" to finish the process.

This is all about how to perform free photo recovery from memory card under Windows 7 with MiniTool Photo Recovery. Lots of photo formats and different types of storage devices can be well supported. If users want to know more details about photo recovery, please visit the official website of MiniTool Photo Recovery.