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Free photo recovery program

Many users may confront with SD card photo loss issues, and free photo recovery program named MiniTool Photo Recovery is always users' first choice to recover lost photos from SD card. However, the recovered photos may be damaged. What can users do to avoid the troublesome situation?

Tips for Using Free Photo Recovery Program

There are many factors causing recovered photos to be damaged, and photo data overwriting is the main one. As a result, users are supposed to pay high attention to those tips when encountering SD card photo loss.
1. Stop writing data to SD card, for the newly written data may overwrite lost photo data, and affect photo recovery effect.
2. Do not format SD card, otherwise users will lose their cherished photos permanently.
3. Do not store the recovered photos to original location. Users who are using MiniTool Photo Recovery to recover photos are used to saving recovered photos to original SD card will not get expected SD card photo recovery effect, and even suffer from data overwriting issues.

Strictly confirming to the mentioned tips, users are able to completely recover photos in a secure way.

Recover Lost Photos from SD Card


The main interface of free photo recovery program – MiniTool Photo Recovery is presented as above. From it, users can find that the software supports photo recovery on multiple storage devices (Hard disk, digital camera, SD card, memory stick, etc). Well then, the example of SD card photo recovery is introduced.
At first, click "Start" button.


Secondly, choose the SD card where lost photos were and click "Scan" to thoroughly scan the device. After that, free photo recovery program will list out all lost photos in SD card.


Thirdly, check all needed photos and click "Save" to store them to another disk (Photo recovery effect will be affected if users store photos to original location). After photo storage, the free photo recovery program is successful to recover photos from SD card.

If users need more information about free photo recovery program, they can visit the official website of the software to get.