Free photo recovery

With the popularity of digital camera, more and more users purchase digital camera to take photos. Nevertheless, as capacity of memory card is limited, many users have encountered the situation where there is little free space available on memory card of digital camera. To deal with this situation, most users transfer photos to hard disk partition of computer.

Indeed, transferring photos stored on memory card of digital camera to computer can release lots of free space to save new photos, but users may meet new troubles. For example, important or precious photos get lost due to different reasons. Well then, when photo loss appears on Windows computer, how can users complete free photo recovery? The best solution is undoubtedly to recover lost photos.

In the past, Hex Editor was widely used to recover lost photos in Windows, but now it is not advised since it has defects. Firstly, it requires professional knowledge as well as quite complex operations, and any carelessness may result in secondary damage to lost photos, thus increasing difficulties in free photo recovery. Secondly, it can only help recover photos lost due to mistaken deletion and accidental formatting. Therefore, more and more Windows users hope to recover lost photos via a piece of powerful photo recovery freeware.

Fortunately, with the continuous development of software technology, powerful photo recovery freeware which can help complete free photo recovery has emerged, and MiniTool Photo Recovery is an outstanding one.

Recover Lost Photos in Windows by Using MiniTool Photo Recovery

To use this photo recovery freeware, please visit its official website to download it at first, and then install it on Windows (note: do not download and install it to the partition which is suffering photo loss). Next, run it to get the following interface:


Interface above is the main interface of MiniTool Photo Recovery. To recover lost photos in Windows, users need to click the functional button "Start" to start free photo recovery. Then, fully scan the hard disk partition where photo loss appears. After scan, all lost photos on the selected partition will be listed, and users should check photos they want to recover. At last, appoint a safe location to save needed photos. After save, free photo recovery in Windows is finished thoroughly by using powerful photo recovery freeware.

For detailed information about MiniTool Photo Recovery, please visit its official website. If users just want to recover lost photos in Windows by using this photo recovery freeware, download it and have a try.