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Freeware photo recovery

Many mobile phone and digital camera users may raise the same question: Is there any free photo recovery software to recover lost photos? That is because photo loss is an unavoidable issue. Providing that users have not backed up lost photos, they have to recover photos from storage devices.

And a piece of free photo recovery software can help users easily achieve the goal. MiniTool Photo Recovery being fully qualified to recover photos is of high recommendation.

Free Photo Recovery Software: MiniTool Photo Recovery

The recommended software comes from Canada. Since its release, the software has helped numerous users recover lost photos. Before scan, users can choose scan formats. And users can rapidly find needed photos via filtering out unneeded ones, improving efficiency and saving lots of time. Moreover, free photo recovery software can recover photos not only from memory card, but also from SD card, USB flash disk, memory stick, hard disk and other storage devices.

How to Operate MiniTool Photo Recovery

Here, we'd like to introduce how to use the free photo recovery software to recover lost photos from storage devices.
At first, connect the device where lost photos were. Here, the example of photo recovery for memory card is given.
Secondly, run the software. After running the software, users will see the main interface of the software:


Thirdly, click "Start" in the lower right corner to open the interface below:


Fourthly, choose the partition representing memory card and click "Scan" to completely scan the partition.


Fifthly, check all needed photos from the listed photos and click "Save" to get the following dialogue box.


Finally, save the chosen photos to a secure partition or storage device according to operating prompts. After free photo recovery software executes all previous operations, users are successful to recover photos from memory card.

It is believed that most users may have mastered the way to recover photos with free photo recovery software. Thus, hurry to download the software if photo recovery operations are needed.