Photo data recovery

Being one of the most commonly seen issues of data loss, photo loss catches many users' attention. Well then, how to perform photo data recovery after photo loss occurs?

Realize Photo Data Recovery

Though many solutions to photo data recovery are available, using data recovery software is adopted most. Undeniably, such software can help to recover lost photos, but certain process asks for much time. That is because all lost data will be scanned if users adopt such software for photo recovery. At present, professional photo recovery software named MiniTool Photo Recovery will be the better choice. Developed by a professional software development company – MiniTool Solution Ltd., the recommended software will only scan image data, helping users save lot of time.

MiniTool Photo Recovery

Owning high ability to recover lost photos not only from computer hard disk but also from other storage devices (USB flash disk, SD card, memory stick, etc), the photo recovery software is easy to handle even for users who have no knowledge of photo data recovery.

Recover Lost Photos from Computer


The screenshot above is the main interface of professional photo recovery software, from which users can find the mentioned high recovery ability of the software. Detailed operations to photo data recovery are introduced here:
Firstly, click "Start" to start the process.


Secondly, click "Scan" button after choosing the partition where lost photos were. Then, the software will scan it. When scan is performed, all lost photos in the scanned partition will be listed out.


Thirdly, check all needed photos (Via double clicking photos, users can preview them) and click "Save" to store them to another disk (By doing this, users can effectively avoid affecting photo recovery effect) according to guidance from the professional photo recovery software. After the software performs all mentioned operations, the whole work to recover lost photo data is done. For more information about the software and photo data recovery, users can visit its official website.