Photo recovery tool

With the gradual update of mobile phone, photographing has become an irreversible trend in daily life and work. And many users are used to transferring those photos to computer for long-term preservation. However, the new issue: photo loss occurs. Such issue caused by varying factors will bring users many troubles. Therefore, how to recover lost photos disturbs many users.

How to Recover Lost Photos from Computer

Two solutions to photo recovery are available: firstly, users can resort to professional data recovery companies, but it asks for high charges and may leak out users' privacy. Thus, users are not supposed to do so unless photos are lost due to physical factors. Secondly, users can adopt photo recovery tool which is fully qualified to recover photos lost due to soft errors like mistaken deletion or formatting. The latter is much preferred, for it compensates the drawbacks of the former. (The vast majority of such tools charge low and some are even free). As a result, users can try such tools if photo loss is generated by soft faults.

Download Photo Recovery Tool

Though there are lots of photo recovery tools available on the Internet, performance of them varies. Once users choose defective tool to recover lost photos, secondary damage will be brought to those photos. Thus, users are advised to choose professional photo recovery tool – MiniTool Photo Recovery to perform photo recovery.

MiniTool Photo Recovery


The screenshot above is the main interface of professional photo recovery tool – MiniTool Photo Recovery, from which users can find that the software is able to support photo recovery not only on computer but also on other storage devices. Moreover, the software is easy to use. Even if users have little knowledge of photo recovery tool, they can easily recover lost photos according to guidance. For more detailed information about operational guide, please feel free to visit the official website of the software.