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Recover deleted photos from computer

When important photos are deleted by mistake, most Windows users would want to recover deleted photos from computer timely and effectively. But unfortunately, many users have to give up photo recovery since they know little or even nothing about knowledge of photo recovery.

As a matter of fact, to recover deleted photos from computer can be a piece of easy work even if users know nothing about photo recovery. Moreover, they can even complete deleted photo recovery without other's help.

With the maturity of photo recovery software, free photo recovery software which owns powerful photo recovery competence has appeared. And MiniTool Photo Recovery is a quite good choice. Users can download the free photo recovery software easily and safely from its official website. Its powerful photo recovery competence will amaze lots of users.

Recover Deleted Photos from Computer by Using MiniTool Photo Recovery

To make deleted photo recovery with this free photo recovery software, users just need to take the following steps.
1. Fully scan the partition where photo loss appears
After running MiniTool Photo Recovery successfully, users will see its main interface where they need to click the functional button "Start" to start deleted photo recovery. After that, all partitions will be displayed by the free photo recovery software. At this time, please select the partition where photo loss emerges and click corresponding button to fully scan it in accordance with prompts.

2. Find needed photos through filtering or previewing
After scan, interface for photo recovery will be shown. If users want to find needed photos quickly, please make use of the function "Filter" which can filter needless photos so as to help recover deleted photos from computer timely and effectively. After clicking this button, users will see the following interface:


In the interface above, users can filter photos by filename/extension and file size. After choosing a suitable attribute, please click "OK" button to go back to photo recovery interface.

3. Check and recover deleted files from computer (check all needed photos and save them to a safe place)
When going back to photo recovery interface, users will find photos have been reduced a lot, so they can find desired photos much more easily. Please check photos which need recovering and click "Save" button to set save path according to detailed prompts.


In the interface above, please click "Browse…" button to appoint a safe location for recovered photos and click "OK" button to perform deleted photo recovery. After these operations, we can say users are successful to recover deleted photos from computer.

In fact, to recover photos lost due to virus attack, mistaken formatting, software conflict or other soft errors, users can also turn to this free photo recovery software. Now, download it to recover deleted photos from computer or recover photos lost due to other soft errors.