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Windows deleted photo recovery

Deleting photos by mistake is a commonly seen operation for many Windows users. If deleted photos can be found from Recycle Bin, users can complete Windows deleted photo recovery easily. However, if users have emptied Recycle Bin or delete photos by click "Shift + Delete", turning to professional photo recovery software is their best solution to photo loss.

Photo Recovery Software

Photo recovery software is a kind of computer software specially developed to recover lost photos. From the current software market, users can find lots of photo recovery software, but they can not choose one piece at random, because inferior software may bring serious damage to photos. Considering this situation, we suggest using the professional photo recovery software MiniTool Photo Recovery to perform Windows deleted photo recovery.

MiniTool Photo Recovery

MiniTool Photo Recovery is developed by the professional software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. This company is dedicated in researching data recovery technology and has made great breakthrough. Being a piece of professional photo recovery software, it can be compatible with almost all Windows operating systems and supports photo recovery on hard disk, USB flash disk, SD card, memory stick, and other commonly used storage devices. Therefore, once users delete needed photos mistakenly, they can download photo recovery software to make Windows deleted photo recovery.

Recover Deleted Photos in Windows

Since many users are unfamiliar with photo recovery software, next we will introduce how to perform Windows deleted photo recovery with this software in detail. Firstly, launch the photo recovery software to open its main interface:


Then, click "Start" button to start Windows deleted photo recovery.


Next, select the partition where photo loss appears and click "Scan" button to scan the selected partition. After scan, the professional photo recovery software will list all deleted photos:


Now, check photos which need to be recovered and click "Save" button to set save path. Note: users are suggested saving recovered photos to other disks rather than the original partition, which can furthest ensure photo recovery effect. After saving, we can say Windows deleted photo recovery is finished successfully.

Now, users should know how to recover deleted photos in Windows by using this professional photo recovery software. If users want to get detailed information about this software, welcome to its official website.