What is the default router IP How to log into this IP address to the admin panel? How to change the password of the admin login? If you forget the password, how to reset it? Go to find details from this post written by MiniTool.

What Is for? is a private IP address that is used by default by modems or Wi-Fi routers for admin login. It is also the gateway address that is widely used by various routers including TRENDnet, Thecus, Planex, Linksys, Atcom, etc. to set up the administrator access for the router and network configurations.

Note that not all routers use as the standard. Some brands of routers use other IP addresses for admin login, for example,,,,,, etc.

Compared to a public IP address, the private IP is free and it saves IP address resources. cannot be directly accessed via the Internet and it is usually used in homes, corporate, and schools LANs. Admin Login

To use the Internet in a device, a router is required to offer you a Wi-Fi network connection. If the network is less than ideal, you may need to change some settings for the network to optimize it. Logging in to your router is necessary. Well then, how to log in to It is easy to operate.

Step 1: If you are using a Thecus, Planex, Linksys, Atcom, etc. router, open a web browser and visit or in the address bar. You will be redirected to the login page for your admin panel.


Don’t type the incorrect address like 192.168 1.100, www 192.168 1.100, 192.168..1.100. Or else, you cannot access the admin page.

Step 2: On the login page, enter the username and password, and then sign into the admin panel. admin login


In terms of the default login username and password of, the common combinations are admin & admin, n/a & 12345678, admin & password, arris & arris, and admin & pentagram. Change Password

After logging in to the admin panel, you can see much information about your router. Just go to the corresponding menu and configure the router and network. In terms of admin password change, go to the Wi-Fi settings or general settings menu, locate the router password and modify it to the one you prefer. Also, you can change the username for the router here.

Reset Admin Password

If you are not sure of your login password or the password doesn’t match the username, you can choose to reset the password and log in to the page.

To do this task, the simple way is to reset your router. This can be done by pressing a small button on your router. Usually, you can find it on the back. Just press the reset button for at least 20 seconds to reset the router to its default settings. The login password is also reset.

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Cannot Access Admin Page of

Sometimes you cannot open the login page of IP Let’s go to look through two common reasons for this issue as well as the solutions.

1. Type incorrect IP to the address bar

Sometimes you type an incorrect address like www 192.168 1.100, 192.168 1.100, or 192.168..1.100. Make sure it is or

2. The connection between your router and cable go wrong

Correctly connect your router to a computer. Make sure the cable is available for normal use. You can check if the connection is normal by opening CMD and running Ping

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