Everyone has a private IP address when they access Internet. Sometimes, you will need to log in to your IP address for something changed. So, how to log in to your IP address - This article on MiniTool Website will give you a detailed guide. IP Address, a private IP address provided by network devices, is used for local area networks (LANs) in residential, office, and enterprise environments. This is a commonly used IP address; many routers or modems can be configured with this one.

Apart from, you can also find other popular IP addresses on MiniTool Website, such as,, and

The IP address always contains 4 sets of numbers ranging between 0 and 255. The private network space encompasses all IP addresses through 192.168. 0.0 to 192.168. 255.255. That refers to the IPv4 version of an IP address and is the block name of a Class C block containing approximately 65,000 addresses.

That’s because each device connected to the internet is supposed to have a unique address. The first three sets are the network ID – 192, and the last set is the device ID – 168.5.1.

To log in to, you can go the next part for specified steps. Login Admin

Casually, you don’t need the IP address but when you prepare to change your passwords or configure your network. Not everyone knows his/her IP address and the login admin is not suitable for everyone.

Therefore, before you do that, please go to check your IP address and make sure the network you are connected with belongs to the IP address. You may find the router IP address on the back of your router packaging. Then you can start the next steps.

Step 1: Open your browser and input into the address bar on the top of the window to enter.

Step 2: Then you will be directed to the login page for your admin panel and the page will ask you to input your username and password.

If you can’t remember your password and username, you can try the following references or just directly reset your modem or router to factory settings.

  • Username: sti.admin5
  • Password: admin


  • Username: admin
  • Password: sti.admin5


  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

Step 3: Click OK or Login to enter and you can start configuring the network settings.

Reset the Password for

The method to reset your router or modem is easy but you should notice that you will lose your connection online and all your custom settings will be erased. It is advised to take an expert's assistance in this regard.

To rest the router, you can keep your router plugged in and hold down the reset button on the back or the bottom of your router with a pin for 30 seconds. Then please release the button and wait for the router to power back on. Login Issues

When you encounter all kind of issues when trying the login admin, the first thing you should consider is that if you are probably entering the wrong IP address, username, or password.

If you find the router login page not loading, you need to make sure the device you are using is connected to the right Wi-Fi.

Bottom Line:

How to log in to the IP address This article has answered this question and if you have other issues, please leave your message and let us know.

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