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What Is

What is is the local IP address. It is the address of the router that computer devices connected to the network will use to send data requests over the Internet. Since every device connected to the Internet should have a unique address, the first three groups are network IDs, and the last group is device IDs. In, the network ID is 192 and the device ID is 168.50.1.

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Follow the guide below to log in to

Step 1: First, connect the router cable to your computer. (You can also use a wireless network). Double-check that the device you wish to use is connected to Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Open a web browser and enter the router’s IP address ( or in the address bar.


Tip: The router's IP address can be found on the back of the router package.

Step 3: Enter the router’s default username and password on the admin panel. The most common default username and password to access the admin interface is “admin” or “setup”, in the case of a TP Link, Netgear, or D-Link wireless router, you can also find the default settings on the back of the device.

Router Models that Use as the Default IP

The following are the router that uses as their default IP and the corresponding default usernames and passwords.


  • Default username: admin
  • Default password: admin


  • Default username: admin
  • Default password: admin


  • Default username: admin
  • Default password: admin


  • Default username: admin
  • Default password: admin

Sweex LW050V2

  • Default username: sweex
  • Default password: mysweex

How to Change Password

To change the  password, go to Wireless Settings > Security > Password Settings. Then, choose the encryption protocol like WPA3 or WPA2, and enter the new password in the password field. At last, save the change.

How to Troubleshoot Connection Issues

If you cannot log in to your router, you may have entered the wrong username or password. There are some other possible situations:

  1. If you forgot the password, you can try resetting your router login. To do this, press and hold the small black button on the back of the router for about 10 seconds. This will reset your router to factory settings.
  2. If your router login page not loading, you had better make sure the device you’re using is connected to Wi-Fi. You also need to check if the wrong router IP address is set as the default.
  3. Sometimes pages may experience loading issues or speed issues. In this case, your network may be using a different IP address.
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