Samsung has released 4 different solid state drives and we will introduce some detailed information of these 4 Samsung SSDs. Thus, you can go on your reading to get more information.

 Introduction of 4 Different Samsung SSDs

With the increasingly popular of the solid state drives, more and more memory companies would like to announce some good performance solid state drives. Thus, recently, Samsung Corporation has launched 4 different Samsung SSDs.

These 4 Samsungs SSDs respectively are Samsung 860 DCT, Samsung 883 DCT, Samsung 983 DCT and Samsung 983 ZET. And these 4 Samsung SSDs are designed to meet the needs of SMBs, including fast speed, sustained performance, higher capacities, enterprise-class reliability, security and so on.

 Samsung SSD

And here, we will simply introduce some features of these 4 Samsung SSDs. Just go on your reading.

Samsung 860 DCT

The Samsung 860 DCT SSD is used to deliver optimized performance and value for read-intensive applications like servers and data centers. It takes advantage of Samsung Proprietary V-NAND technology. And it has another feature which is lower power consumption. The capacity of Samsung 860 DCT SSD can reach up to 3084TB and it provides 3-year limited warranty up to 1396TBW. The sequential read speed and sequential write speed of Samsung 860 DCT SSD can respectively reach up to 550MB/s and 520MB/s.

Samsung 883 DCT SSD

Now, we will go to the Samsung 883 DCT SSD. The Samsung 883 DCT SSD comes in 2.5-inch factor and 6GB/s SATA interface and its capacity can reach up to 3.84TB. It also has other different capacities which include 240GB, 480GB, 960GB and 1920GB. Samsung 883 DCT SSD is designed for servers used to safeguard critical data, including power loss protection and end-to-end data protection.

And since data loss is a common issue, Samsung 883 DCT SSD has the feature of safeguarding critical data. However, if you suffer data loss issue, you can take advantage of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is the best hard drive recovery software to recover lost data. The sequential read and write speed of Samsung 883 DCT SSD can reach up to 550MB/s and 520MB/s.

Samsung 983 DCT SSD

The Samsung 983 DCT SSD comes in two form factors – U.2 and M.2. The NVMe interface of Samsung 983 DCT SSD delivers blazing fast speed. It also is a high-performance solution for servers that need enhanced data reliability to safeguard critical data. The sequential read and write speed of Samsung 983 DCT M.2 SSD can reach up to 3000MB/s and 1400MB/s. And the capacity of Samsung 983 DCT SSD is up to 1.9TB. It also provides 5-year limited warranty up to 2733TBW.

Samsung 983 ZET SSD

The Samsung 983 ZET SSD looks like any other PCIe NVMe drive for the data center. And it is a powerful cache memory solution that provides a new level of performance with ultra-low latency. The Samsung 983 ZET SSD has made great progress in speed and reliability. It is a good storage solution for NoSQL DB such as application workload case. The Samsung 983 ZET SSD is available in 480GB and 960GB.

So based on the above information, if you want to upgrade your original hard drive to the larger Samsung SSD, MiniTool Partition Wizard would be a good assistant. It can help you to complete the task with ease and would not bring any damage to your original data.

Final Words

In conclusion, we have simply introduced 4 Samsung SSDs. In order to safeguard data well, these 4 Samsung SSDs have made progress in security and reliability. And the price of these 4 Samsung SSDs is different because of different capacities.

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