Due to the potential threats and the outdated design, Adobe Flash will be removed from all web browsers by the end of 2020. HTML5 video player is a better alternative. You can read this post to get more related information about this topic. Well, if your files get lost due to malware, you can use MiniTool software to get them back.

In 2017, Adobe announced Adobe Flash support end of life will arrive in 2020. That is, Adobe will discontinue any kinds of support and security updates after 2020.

Before Adobe Flash support ending, Adobe will continue to offer security updates and Adobe Flash will still be compatible with most web browsers on your computer.

According to the announcement of Adobe, Microsoft also announced that it will remove Adobe Flash support from Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer by 2020.

Why Microsoft Will End the Support for Adobe Flash?

There are two main reasons that may lead to the Adobe Flash support ending in 2020:

Potential Threats

There are some potential threats when running Adobe Flash on your web browser. The design of Flash enables attackers to easily induce some malware through the unauthorized back doors. The professionals discover numerous flash attacks on both computers and Android smart phones.

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As a matter of fact, Adobe Flash is always criticized due to its ability to accommodate malware. Although it has made some changes, Adobe Flash is still a potential threat.

Then, you will ask what will replace Adobe Flash? HTML5 video player is a good option, and many of you have already moved on to it. Of course, there is a fair share of web services that use Flash Player, but the system security of your computer takes precedence over anything else.

It Is Obsolete

Adobe Flash is obsolete. Microsoft is not the only company that is planning to end the support for Adobe Flash content. Other major web browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, also announced the Adobe Flash support end of life.

The HTML 5 video player is already a better choice because it can not only improve the overall performance of the web browsers but also increase the security and battery life of your desktop computer and laptops.

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According to the plan of Microsoft, it will disable Adobe Flash by default in both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer in late 2019. But, you can still re-enable Adobe Flash in both web browsers. By the end of 2020, it will completely disable the ability to run Adobe Flash in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer in Windows. You will be unable to re-enable and run Flash again.

Now, Microsoft is developing its Chromium-based browser and it still announces it will remove Adobe Flash as expected. In the next version of Chromium Edge, Microsoft will remove Adobe Flash as other Chromium-based browsers.

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