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M.2 is the mainstream interface used on SSD currently and Samsung is developing the next generation small form-factor for enterprise-grade SSD using M.3 which is later called NF1. However, Silicon Motion showcased one drive using M.4 at Computex 2019. Now, you can read this post to get more information.

Silicon Motion Showcased Agylstor M.4 NVMe SSD At Computex

At present, M.2 has become the main interface for solid-state drive (SSD), and M.2 SSDs are widely used in several applications.

However, Samsung tried to improve its next generation small form-factor (NGSFF) for enterprise-grade solid-state storage under the M.3 moniker which was later renamed as NF1.

What’s more, some companies are working on the development of SSDs in the so-called M.4 form-factor. At Computex Taipei this year, Silicon Motion (SMI) even demonstrated an Agylstor M.4 NVMe SSD.

At the expo, most SSD are equipped with the M.2 interface. Thus, this SSD which is using M.4 form-factor must attract many users’ attention.

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About Agylstor M.4 NVMe SSD

This Agylstor M.4 NVMe SSD is based on the company’s own enterprise-grade SM2270 controller based on three pairs of ARM Cortex R5 cores to support 2KB LDPC error correction and featuring 16 NAND channels with 8 CE per channel (128 CE in total) as well as a PCIe 3.0 x8 interface. At the same time, the company uses the SMART Modular to assemble the drive.

front side of Agylstor M.4 NVMe SSD

Essentially, this Agylstor’s M.4 NVMe drive glues two M.2 SSDs together. By using this kind of construction, it allows to install 16 NAND packages (eight on both sides). As a result, it can offer you a doubled capacity which can reach up to 16TB.

Additionally, as mentioned above, the drive is using a PCIe 3.0 x8 interface which promises to offer a very strong performance. Yes, you can enjoy good performance by using this drive in the future.

From the following picture, you can know more about the drive:

SM2270 specifications

However, you should know that we are talking about an enterprise-grade controller and appropriate drives. We mean it has sustained performance rather than peak performance.

back side of Agylstor M.4 NVMe SSD

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As a matter of fact, Agylstor is just a startup which develops some specialized storage subsystems for different applications, such as drones, video & film production, IoT, oil & gas exploration, and so forth. Due to this, Agylstor does not need to let its M.4 SSDs compatible with the general-purpose computers.

Until now, we are not sure when the company will release its Agylstor M.4 NVMe SSD to public. However, we are sure that it will be useful for a number of use cases.

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