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Apacer’s new solid-state drive, AS2280P2 Pro Panther SSD, id designed with a color-changing heatsink. The color will change from orange to golden when the temperature of the drive rises. Now, more information about this drive will be shown in this post.

If a processor from AMD or Intel could talk, when the temperature of the SSD reaches up to its thermal limit, it will speak out words of encouragement. What do you think about it? Do you think it is a good design? If there is such one processor, would you buy it?

Apacer has said “Hold my beer” and it built a solid state drive (SSD) which can communicates that general message, but not verbally.

AS2280P2 Pro Panther SSD is a new product from Apacer. It is equipped with a kind of “battle armor” or a color-changing heatsink which can be used to react to heat when using your computer.

AS2280P2 Pro Panther SSD

Actually, this is an interesting and potentially useful idea. But, instead of changing from blue o red to make you know that throttling might occur, the light of this drive changes from “orange to a dazzling golden color when temperature rises, cheering on gamers even more!”.

color-changing when playing games

What does this mean? The light of the drive just show a wrong message especially when you using the computer to play games. You want your storage drives to wick away heat like a boss, but not celebrate it like an achievement. Indeed, the best SSDs for playing games should be able maintain performance relatively well.

However, there is more goofiness to the marketing message.

"Gamers may have had the experience of almost being defeated during a battle, but then their characters suddenly leveled up and their HP/MP were instantly filled, the battle situation was reversed all of sudden! Apacer is dedicated to creating unique gaming experiences for gamers, AS2280P2 PRO SSD is equipped with a creative 'battle armor' that changes color with temperature, reproducing the exciting sensation when leveling up during death battles," Apacer says.

Ah ha, you may say no. Generally speaking, the performance of an SSD should be level down not up when its hear rises. As in, the drive throttles to prevent damage by slowing down its performance.

For strictly gaming use, this doesn't matter a whole lot, not unless airflow of your computer is really, really bad. This Apacer's new SSD, AS2280P2 Pro Panther SSD, is an M.2 NVMe drive, thus it has performance to spare for things like gaming.

The company has not mentioned the price of this drive. However, it should be presumably an affordable entry in the NVMe field. How about its read and write speed? The specifications suggest as much, anyway – it is rated to deliver up to 1580MB/s of sequential read speed and up to 950MB/s of sequential write speed.

This performance of read and write speed is on the lower side of the NVMe territory. Indeed, the company also offers a much faster alternative and it is AS2280P4. According to the saying from the company, AS2280P4 SSD bumps the sequential read and write speeds up to 3,200MB/s and 2,000MB/s respectively.

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As to the capacities of the drive, this new AS2280P2 Pro Panther SSDs will come in 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB. Until now, we still don’t know when the company will release this drive to public. additionally, if you want to recover data from SSD, you can use a professional data recovery software to do the job. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a good option.

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