In your daily work and life, you may need to edit both paper and electronic files. Sometimes, you even need to convert paper files to electronic ones. In this case, what will you do? CamScanner may save your day when you need that. Following the descriptions in this post from MiniTool Website, you will get CamScanner app download for free.

Overview of CamScanner

Camscanner, launched in 2011, is an all-in-one app which allows you to instantly scan, save and share any documents in JPG, PDF, TXT or Word formats. Once you download it, your device like mobile phone, computer or tablet will become a powerful scanner that automatically recognizes text and handle your paperwork with ease.

Main Features of CamScanner

As mentioned above, CamScanner is a powerful tool and it is pretty useful in your everyday study and work. In this part, I will mainly introduce some of its stunning and convenient features for you.

the features of CamScanner

Scan Files with Mobile Phone

It will intelligently remove the cluttered background and switch your paper documents to clear JPEG, PDF or Word files.  

Turn Images to Text

Even if the search object is an image, it supports exporting to Word/Text format. What’s more, copying & editing the scan results is also permitted and it can recognize 41 languages including Chinese, French, English and more.

Convert PDF Files

PDF, Word, Excel, PPT and image documents can convert to each other and they will maintain their original layout.

Edit and Modify PDF Files

Usually, PDF files are unchangeable. If you scan your PDF files with CamScanner, you can freely combine PDF files such as changing the order, deleting some pages and editing the content on them.

Share Files

After converting the hard copy into a digital one, you can share the files with others on social media or just via email. With the help of printers, you can also print them if needed.

CamScanner App Free Download for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

CamScanner supports the PC and web versions and the former is very handy. After launching this app, you will see a Home tab that is similar to a browser tab. Here, you are allowed to access recent files, documents or recycle bin and even work on several files at the same time.

  • Click here and you can choose to download CamScanner for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Web version for free. You can also go to Google Play to get it for free.
  • After getting CamScanner download for free, hit the downloaded file to run CamScanner installer and then follow the instructions to install CamScanner on your device.

Keep in mind that only the mobile version supports webcam. Since the PC version of CamScanner doesn’t support webcams, you can upload files from your mobile phone. There are also Premium and Business versions with features such as additional cloud space and password protection.

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Final Words

In conclusion, CamScanner is a very popular application which has been downloaded by lots of people across different platforms. It can crop images automatically, scan documents & convert them from one format to another. Most importantly, it has a brilliant text recognition feature and you can also edit the scan results easily. Try it and get CamScanner download for free now.

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