OpenAI company announces now ChatGPT & Whisper API are available for developers, that is to say, developers can integrate ChatGPT and Whisper models into their apps and products through API. Now, continue to read this post from MiniTool to get more information.

ChatGPT and Whisper API Are Available for Developers Now

OpenAI company announced that they have made ChatGPT and Whisper models available on its API on March 1, 2023. This enables developers to use cutting-edge languages and the speech-to-text function.

Tip: API is the abbreviation of the Application Programming Interface. It is a set of protocols that allow different computer programs to communicate with each other.

According to OpenAI, they have reduced the cost of ChatGPT by 90% since December. So now, developers can use the open-source Whisper large-v2 model in the API for faster and more cost-effective results.

ChatGPT API users can look forward to continuous model improvement and the option to choose a dedicated capacity for deeper control over the model. They also improved their API Terms of Service to better meet developers’ needs based on their feedback.

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Early Users of ChatGPT and Whisper APIs

OpenAI said Snap Inc, Quizlet, Instacart, Shop, and Speak are a few customers that already use the ChatGPT API in their products.

Snapchat: It launched My AI for Snapchat+ this week. Experimental features run on ChatGPT API. Snapchat MY AI offers users a friendly, customizable chatbot.

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The newly launched ChatGPT model series are using the same models as the gpt-3.5-turboChatGPT product. It is priced at $0.002 per 1000 tokens, 10x cheaper than the existing GPT-3.5 model.


Traditionally, GPT models use unstructured text, which is represented in the model as a series of “tokens”. The ChatGPT model uses a series of messages and metadata instead.

ChatGPT Upgrades

OpenAI also confirmed that developers using the gpt-3.5-turbo model will always get their recommended stable model. Besides, developers can choose a specific version, such as gpt-3.5-turbo-0301. It will be supported until June 1.

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Whisper API

Whisper is the speech-to-text model that they launched in September 2022. Additionally, they improved the service stack to ensure faster performance compared to other services. The Whisper API is available via the transcriptions (transcribed in the source language) or translations (transcribed into English) endpoints. It supports several formats such as m4a, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, wav, webm, etc.

Dedicated Instances

The company also now offers dedicated instances for users who want more in-depth control over specific model versions and system performance.

Developers have full control over the load on the instance (higher load increases throughput but makes each request slower), enable features such as Options for features like longer context limits, and the ability to pin model snapshots. Additionally, it can directly optimize developer workloads based on hardware performance, which can significantly reduce costs associated with shared infrastructure.

Developer Focus

  • Data submitted via the API is no longer used for service improvement (including model training) unless the organization opts in.
  • Removed pre-launch review.
  • Improved developer documentation.
  • Simplified terms of service and usage policy, including data ownership clauses.
  • Default 30-day data retention policy, with options for stricter retention.

Announcing the update, OpenAI shared that:

We believe that AI can provide incredible opportunities and economic empowerment to everyone, and the best way to achieve that is to allow everyone to build with it. We hope that the changes we announced today will lead to numerous applications that everyone can benefit from. Start building next-generation apps powered by ChatGPT & Whisper.


OpenAI introduces ChatGPT and Whisper API for developers now! Enjoy it!

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