What is the ds_store file? How to open it on your macOS? How to fix the issues when opening the file? If you are looking for the answers to the above questions, you should refer to this post. This post from MiniTool provides information about the ds_store file.

What Is Ds_store File

What is .ds_store? Files with a .ds_store file extension contain viewing preferences for the folder in which the file is stored. It is a hidden file used in the macOS system, similar to the desktop.ini file used in the Microsoft Windows system.

The folder settings, that is, the metadata that can be stored in the ds_store file are as follows:

  • The size and position of the icon
  • The position of the window relative to the screen
  • Selected view
  • Information used by other applications (macOS10.4 and later), such as Spotlight.

You may also see another type of file, that is - the ELT file.

How to Open Ds_store File

How to open the ds store file? You need suitable software, such as Apple Inc.'s Macintosh OS X to open the ds_store file. However, sometimes when you try to open the .ds_store file, you may encounter some issues such as the ds_store file can’t be open.

How to Fix the Ds_store File Issue

How to fix the ds_store file. The following are some reasons and fixes.

Reason 1: MacOSX is not installed

Fix 1: Double-clicking your DS_STORE file will prompt the message "Windows 10 cannot open the ds_store file". Usually, this is because you did not install the macOS X Finder for Windows 10. Double-clicking to open the typical path of ds_store will not work because Windows 10 cannot establish a program connection

Reason 2: MacOSX Finder version is incorrect

Fix 2: Sometimes, you may have installed an outdated version of macOS X Finder that is not compatible with the macOS X folder setting file type. If you installed the wrong version of macOS X Finder, you need to install the correct version. In most cases, your macOS X folder settings files are created by macOS X Finder that is newer than the files you installed.

Even if the correct version of macOS X Finder is installed, you will still encounter difficulties when opening ds_store. There may be other issues not related to the software preventing you from opening the ds_store file.

  • Ds_store file reference error in the Windows registry.
  • Incorrect deletion of Windows registry ds_store instructions.
  • Invalid installation of ds_store -related programs (such as macOSX Finder).
  • Ds_store itself is corrupted.
  • Your ds_store is infected with malware.
  • Ds_store -related hardware has outdated device drivers.
  • Your computer does not have enough system resources to open the macOS folder and set the file format.

Final Words

What is the ds_store file? How to open it on your macOS? How to fix the issues when opening the file? Now, you should find the answers in this post.

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