The error code Terracotta happens frequently in Minecraft and it can be fixed easily. This error code indicates that Minecraft is unable to reach the server to send and receive data. If you have the same issue when trying to play Minecraft, here’s a full guide for you on MiniTool Website.

Minecraft Error Code Terracotta Bedrock Edition/Pocket Edition

It is frustrating to receive errors like the error code Terracotta when attempting to play Minecraft. If you receive it, you are not able to connect to the game server and enjoy the game.

error code Terracotta

As a result, you must remove Minecraft error code Terracotta as soon as you can. Now, try the solutions below to fix this issue at once.

How to Fix Error Code Terracotta Minecraft on Windows 10/11?

Before proceeding, you can try the following small tips and trick to fix the error code Terracotta:

  • Try closing all the game-related processes and relaunching it to see if works fine.
  • Make sure the Minecraft app on your device is the latest version because only the most updated one contains the newest and most comprehensive patches.
  • Play the game via the Xbox app rather than the browser.
  • Reboot your device and router.
  • Go to Downdetector to check if the server is under downtime or maintenance time.

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For Pocket Edition

Step 1. Go to App Store > search for Xbox > download & install the app.

Step 2. Launch the app and sign in with your Minecraft account.

Step 3. Go to Settings to see if everything is correct and then launch & sign in to the Minecraft app to check for improvement.

For Windows & Bedrock Edition

Step 1. Sign out of your Minecraft and Microsoft account.

Step 2. Go to Microsoft Store to locate, download, and install Xbox.

Step 3. Sign in to Xbox with your Windows account.

Step 4. Relaunch Minecraft and try logging in again.

Minecraft error code Terracotta is associated with your account. You will also receive other pesky codes like Glowstone or Crossbow after getting rid of the error code Terracotta from your device. In this condition, you just need to click on the Spam button until it works.

If the methods above don’t do the trick for you, the last resort to solve the error code Terracotta in Minecraft is to reinstall the game to ensure there are no missing or corrupted game files in the installation folder. This method might be time-consuming but effective, please be patient during the uninstalling and reinstalling process. Here’s how to reinstall it:

Move 1: Uninstall Minecraft

Step 1. Go to Windows Settings > App > App & features.

Step 2. In this tab, you can see a list of applications, find Minecraft and hit it to choose Uninstall.

Move 2: Reinstall Minecraft

Step 1. Launch Microsoft Store.

Step 2. Search for, locate, download and install Minecraft.

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