Samsung has released a kind of portable SSD, which is called Thunderbolt SSD. It has good read and write performance. Here, you can see some detailed information in this news.

Latest Samsung External Hard Drive – Thunderbolt 3 SSD

Recently, Samsung has released the latest external hard drive, which is called Thunderbolt 3 SSD. And it is also the first NVMe-based portable SSD. It is also called Portable SSD X5. It is designed to be used by the information technology workers and content creators since they need to transfer large files quickly. Therefore, Samsung Thunderbolt 3 SSD would satisfy their demands.

The Samsung Thunderbolt 3 SSD has very good read and write performance. Here, you can see the specified data. Its read speed can reach up to 2800MB one second and its write speed can reach up to 2300MB one second. And the 2100MB one second is for the 500GB model. It is five times faster than SATA-based portable SSDs, and 25 times faster than the traditional external hard drives. Those read and write speed will make Thunderbolt 3 SSD owners transfer a 20GB file within 12 seconds as long as it is combined with the 40Gbps-bandwidth Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

With this fast speed, many computer users would get many benefits. For example, the users who are working with 4K video files or high resolutions will find the transfer speed is pretty fast. The transfer time of a 100GB video can decrease from 35 minutes to 2 minutes. However, in order to achieve that fast speed, since the Samsung SSD X5 is not backward compatible with and won’t work with USB, a computer with Thunderbolt 3 port is necessary. In addition, there are three kinds of capacities of Samsung Thunderbolt 3 SSD. They respectively are 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. And this kind of Samsung Thunderbolt 3 SSD carries a three-year limited warranty.

However, do you know why the portable solid state drive is limited in the past days? Actually, there are two factors limiting the development of portable solid state drive. One is the chip speed and another one is the connector bandwidth. Meanwhile, the Samsung SSD X5 has made a great achievement with the fast memory, Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and an NVMe interface. And the Samsung portable SSD is so fast that it can back up a 20GB file in around 12 seconds.

And the Samsung SSD X5 is in the size of 4.7x2.4 inches and it is twice width of the conventional thumb drive. And the Samsung SSD X5 has an entirely metal body with a non-slip pad on the bottom. In order to further protect data, the Samsung SSD X5 includes AES 256-bit hardware encryption and a password with its Portable SSD software.

Thus with the fast speed of Samsung SSD X5, users can get more benefits especially for those who need transfer large files. And the portable solid state drive is in small size. It is very convenient for most users. So, if you want to upgrade to this kind of Samsung SSD, you can choose MiniTool Partition Wizard to help you. And it is a piece of professional partition manager which is designed to optimize your partition and disk usage. In addition, it would not bring any damage to the original data.


In this news, you can see that Samsung had released the latest Thunderbolt 3 SSD X5. And you can see Samsung SSD X5 is so fast. With this fast speed, the transfer time will be saved much. Of course, if you want to upgrade to this Samsung SSD without losing data, MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you.

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