If you need a free IP address tracker to track IP addresses like to collect user information on your website or online products, you can check the list of the top 6 free IP trackers in this post.


Opentracker is a top free online IP tracker that allows you to easily track the information of IP addresses. You can use it to easily identify users by getting the IP address and location and other IP profile details.

You can go to Opentracker's official website in your browser, type an IP number you want to track in the box and click the Click to search button. It will show detailed information about the IP address. Still, when you go to the home page of this free online IP tracker service, you can see detailed information about your device’s IP.


You can also this free IP address tracker online tool to easily find detailed information about an IP address. Based on the IP address, it can detect and show the IP number, IP address location, IP type, IP range, computer system, browser type, and some extra information about the IP.

You can go to the official website of the tool, scroll down to enter an IP or domain name in the box, and click the Trace IP with IP Tracker button to start tracing the IP. When you visit its home page, it will automatically detect and show your IP address information.


You can also use this professional free IP lookup tool to track IP addresses. You can get detailed information about an IP to improve your website or other businesses.

You can go to the official website of this tool, enter the IP address you want to look up, and click the Get IP Details button. With this tool, you can get this information about the IP address: ISP and organization’s name, IP hostname, country/region/state/city, area code, and any known services running on that IP.


You can also use this free online IP address tracker to easily trace IP addresses. It can detect this information about an IP address: ISP or IP organization, hostname, IP location including continent, country, region, city, latitude and longitude, area code, time zone, GMT, etc.

Just go to its official website and enter an IPv4 or IPv6 address to track. It allows you to copy the IP address information to the clipboard and paste it to another place.


You can open the WolframAlpha website in your browser. Click the search box and enter the IP address you trace and press Enter on your keyboard. It will automatically search for the IP address's geographical details. This free IP address tracker shows things like IP address type, the IP address provider, and the city of the IP address.

NordVPN IP Address Lookup

NordVPN IP Address Lookup lets you track an IP address with one click. This IP tracer tool lets you easily find out the IP geolocation of an IP address including the ISP, city, country, zip code, time zone, and more.

You can just go to its official website, enter the IP address you are curious about, and click Get IP Details. By default, it displays your device’s IP as an example. Therefore, if you want to find your IP address information, you can easily do it.

IP Lookup vs IP Tracker

IP tracker and IP lookup tool are similar IP tools. The main difference between them is that the IP tracker can track more information about your own IP and device. You may get more details about your computer system, the type of browser, the language of the browser, etc.

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