To capture screenshots on your Windows PC, you can use the built-in free Windows Snipping Tool (Snip & Sketch). If the Snipping Tool is missing or not working on your computer, you may try some top free alternatives to Windows Snipping Tool. This post from MiniTool introduces 5 free Snipping Tool alternatives for Windows 11/10 to help you easily take screenshots on a PC.


The first free alternative to Windows Snipping Tool we recommended is ShareX.

ShareX is a free and open-source screenshot and screencast application for Windows. You can use it to select any area of your computer screen to take a capture. It supports full-screen capture, rectangle capture, and Windows capture. It can export the screenshot into various image formats. You can also use it to record animated GIFs and videos.

ShareX offers an image editor that lets you easily annotate and modify the captured screenshots.

You can download ShareX from its official website. It is also available on Microsoft Store and Steam.

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Greenshot is another top free Snipping Tool alternative for Windows that you can use to easily take screenshots on a PC.

You can use this tool to select any area of the screen to capture. You can also easily capture a window or the full screen. The Capture Internet Explorer option allows you to create a scrolling capture of web pages in Internet Explorer.

This program also equips a free image editor that lets you add annotations, highlights, filters, etc. to the screenshot.

It lets you export the screenshot in various ways. You can send it to a printer, copy it to the clipboard, attach it to an email, upload it to Flickr, etc.

Greenshot is also available for macOS, but it is as proprietary software through the App Store.

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PicPick is also a good free alternative to Snipping Tool. It is a Windows program used for making and editing screenshots on your Windows computer.

You can use this tool to easily take a capture of the full screen, active window, scrolling window, fixed region, any region, or the last capture.

It also lets you easily annotate and highlight your images with its built-in image editor which has the latest Ribbon style menu.

It also includes some other useful graphic accessories including a Screen Recorder, Color Picker, Color Palette, Magnifier, Pixel Ruler, CrossHair, WhiteBoard, etc.

PicPick is a full-featured free screenshot app for Windows 11/10 and has a very intuitive and tidy interface. You can go to its official website to easily download it for your PC.


This tool also allows you to select any area on your desktop and take a screenshot. You can use it as a substitute for Windows Snipping Tool. You can edit screenshots instantly when taking them.

LightShot features a simple and intuitive interface and is available for both Windows and Mac.


You can also use this simple and powerful snipping tool for Windows to easily make screen captures on your PC. You can add comments and highlight the most important parts of your screenshot.

It is also a professional screen recorder that lets you easily record your screen, microphone, audio, and webcam. You can download ScreenRec for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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Best Free Screen Recorder for PC

MiniTool also designs a free screen recorder named MiniTool Video Converter to help users easily record the computer screen activities.

MiniTool Video Converter is a 3-in-1 video tool that lets you convert any video or audio file to your preferred format, record any area of your computer screen, and download YouTube videos for offline playback. It is a 100% clean and free program.

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