Since the launch of God of War for PC, some annoying problems appears over and over again. God of War PC controller not working is one of the most prominent issues that you are likely to experience. Since the console controller is so important during the battling process, you must be eager to find some solutions to fix it quickly. In this post on MiniTool Website, we will share five fruitful solutions with you.

God of War PC Controller Not Working

God of War, developed by Santa Monica Studio, is an action-adventure video game that is available for a lot of players to enjoy. However, many players complain that Xbox or PlayStation controllers have some in-game issues with God of War such as controller not working, not being detected, and even stopping suddenly.

If your controller doesn’t work properly, you will be unable to shoot your enemies accurately when gaming. To have a pleasant game experience, you had better solve God of War controller not working at once. Before starting with the troubleshooting, make sure that the controller support is enabled on your PC.

How to Fix God of War PC Controller Not Working?

Fix 1: Update Controller Driver

Like other external peripherals, chances are that your computer doesn’t have the driver dedicated to your controller hence causing God of War 4 PC Controller Not Working.

Therefore, you can go to the manufacturer’s websites to download & install the corresponding drivers for your device. If you don’t know the manufacturer of your device or you cannot find the correct driver, you can try lObit’s Driver Booster to download the compatible controller driver for your computer.

IObit Driver Booster Download for PC & Install to Update Drivers
IObit Driver Booster Download for PC & Install to Update Drivers

How to download IObit Driver Booster and install this driver update tool on your PC to update your drivers? Follow the guide here now.

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Fix 2: Use DS4Windows

Another special solution to God of War PC controller not working is to use DS4Windows. This tool can help to solve the issue of receiving Xbox prompts when playing God of War on your PS4 or PS5 controller.

Step 1. Download DS4Windows and then launch it by clicking the executable files.

Step 2. Properly connect your PS4 or PS5 controller and then link up with DS4Windows.

Step 3. Open DS4Windows Settings and then turn on Hide DS4 Controller.

Step 4. Save the changes and restart your device.

Fix 3: Third-Party Controller Support

When suffering from God of War controller not working, you can also try some reliable third-party controller software such as Xpadder, Pinnacle Game Profiler, Keysticks, reWASD and more.

Fix 4: Update Your Game

Maybe you don’t update God of War to the latest version and there are some bugs and glitches in the current game version. Therefore, you can go to the official website of God of War to download & install the latest update or patch.

Fix 5: Contact the Support Team

If none of the solutions above helps to solve God of War PC Xbox controller not working or God of War PC PS4 controller not working for you, it is highly recommended to contact the support team of God of War. Try to describe the issue that you are experiencing right now as detailed as you can and they will give you some professional help.

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