If you figure out how to check for plagiarism in Google Docs, you come to the right place. Here, MiniTool will introduce two effective ways to you to easily check originality on Google Docs. Let’s go to see them and try one.

If you are a student, educator, or one who needs to deal with submitted content, it is necessary to check for plagiarism in a document like Google Docs. Plagiarism refers to taking someone else’s content as your own, which is a huge problem in academia and business. When writing in Google Docs, you can’t be too careful to avoid plagiarism and ensure the content is original.

Well then, how do you check originality on Google Docs? This is not a difficult thing if you follow the given two ways below. Let’s move to the next part to see what you should do.

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How to Check for Plagiarism in Google Docs

Use Google Docs Plagiarism Checker – an Add-on

The simplest way to check plagiarism on Google Docs is to use an add-on that can add extra functionality to the editor for a check. In Google Docs, you can easily add an extension to get a detailed plagiarism report with sources. To be specific, the content is marked with red text and a notification or suggestion to make changes is generated when adding an instance of plagiarism.

See how to check plagiarism on Google Docs with its built plagiarism checker:

Step 1: Launch your Google Docs documents.

Step 2: Go to the toolbar, click Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons.

check for plagiarism in Google Docs

Step 3: Type plagiarism into the search field and locate the preferred plagiarism checker like PlagiarismCheck.org. Then, select it in the search result.


The steps below are also different based on the plagiarism checker you have selected.

Step 4: In the new window, click on the Install button. You are asked to allow the add-on permissions to access your Google account.

PlagiarismCheck.org add-on

Step 5: After installing this add-on, you can see it under Extensions. Well then, how to check for plagiarism in Google Docs using this checker? Choose a section of your text and go to Extensions > PlagiarismCheck.org > Start. Sometimes you are asked to log in to PlagiarismCheck.org.

Step 6: Then, click Proceed to submit your content for a plagiarism check. Next, a detailed report is generated.


This Google Docs plagiarism checker only allows you to free check a page. To check more pages, you need to buy a subscription.

How to Check Plagiarism on Google Docs Using Grammarly

Another way to check originality in Google Docs is to use the extension – Grammarly. It is famous for spelling and grammar issue checks. Besides, it can be used to quickly check for plagiarized content in Google Docs. But note that this feature requires a Grammarly Premium subscription.

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How to add the extension to Google Docs for plagiarism detection? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: You can go to the Grammarly page on the Chrome web store. Click Add to Chrome > Add extension to go on.

add Grammarly to Chrome

Step 2: After adding content to your Google Docs file, click the Grammarly icon in the lower-right corner to open this tool. If you are using a subscription to Grammarly Premium, you can access plagiarism check results, as well as spelling and grammar checks.

Alternatively, you can check Google Docs plagiarism outside this app. Just click File > Download > Microsoft Word in a file of Google Docs. Go to the official Grammarly page to log in with your account. Click Upload to choose the document you have saved. Then this plagiarism checker will start a scan.

download Google Docs file to doc file


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Final Words

How to check for plagiarism in Google Docs? Try the best plagiarism checker for Google Docs mentioned here. Of course, in addition to the above checkers, you can run some other add-ons for plagiarism detection like Plagium, Unicheck, PlagiarismSearch, etc.

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