Screen mirroring lag is pretty common in daily life and work. However, do you know how to fix lag in screen mirroring? In this post from MiniTool Website, you will fix this issue easily with the solutions below and enjoy an uninterrupted screen mirroring experience.

Why Is Screen Mirroring Lagging?

Screen mirroring is increasingly popular in recent years because it enables you to project photos, videos, movies and more from your smartphones, Windows or Apple devices to smart TV sets without a projector.

However, although this wireless process is convenient, you are likely to receive some delays when screen mirroring. In this condition, do you come up with any feasible solutions to fix this issue? Don’t worry! This issue is not as difficult as it seems to be. As long as you figure out the reason why you receive lag in the screen mirroring process, you can fix it easily.

The possible causes are listed as follows:

  • outdated screen mirroring feature
  • network congestion
  • limited storage space
  • unmatched adapter
  • inbuilt screen mirroring malfunction
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How to Fix Screen Mirroring Lag Roku, Samsung, iPhone?

Fix 1: Check If Your Devices Are Compatible

You should always make sure that the screen mirroring feature is up to date. The outdated version may not be compatible with the TV sets that you intend to connect, so using the latest screen mirroring helps you to avoid more bugs and glitches.

At the same time, not all devices support screen mirroring so you can try to change a device.

Fix 2: Clear Cache & Data on the Phone

After updating your screen mirroring feature on the phone or updating your operating system, you can spare enough storage space for your device by clearing the data and cache on the phone. By doing so, you will give more chances for related features to function well.

Step 1. Go to Settings > App management.

Step 2. In the app list, you can choose the app that you want to perform a cache clearing. Hit it and press Storage.

Step 3. Tap on Clear data and Clear cache.


You can also go to Settings > Storage. In Storage, you will browse the summary of data consumption for documents, videos, photos and more. Find the cached data and clear them.

Fix 3: Use HDMI Adapter

When you project your screen to your smart TV and receive screen mirroring lag, you need to check the adapter you are using. Maybe the adapter you use currently doesn’t support your device. In this condition, it is a good choice to use an HDMI adapter to get rid of the lag. 

Fix 4: Use Other Screen Mirroring Apps

At times, the inbuilt screen mirroring feature will run improperly. Therefore, if you still encounter screen mirroring lag after trying all the methods above, you can try a third-party screen mirroring app such as Vysor, Scrcpy, ApowerMirror and so on.

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Final Words

Now, you must have a better understanding of screen mirroring and how to fix screen mirroring lag iPhone, Samsung, Roku. Thanks for your time and patience! Hope you can enjoy the streaming and screen mirroring on your TV!

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