Snapchat is a multimedia instant messaging program occupying part of the market. People prefer to use it for photos or video communication with its special feature. In some cases, you will pin someone on Snapchat. This post on MiniTool Website will teach you how to pin people on Snapchat.

What Happens If You Pin People on Snapchat?

In your Snapchat, you will add many of your friends, families, and some necessary contacts that you are rarely in touch with. Some people can extend their contacts to hundreds but only few of them are regular contacts and they often move down with more information crowding in.

So, how to locate your best friends, families, or other important people quickly and precisely? Go to use the Pin feature on Snapchat and that can help you affix individual or group conversations to the top of the chat screen, casting off any unnecessary interruption and minimizing the chances of missing important messages.

When you pin conversations or pin someone on Snapchat, his/her account status won’t be changed and no notification will be received, so you can pin people on Snapchat without any considerations.

But notice, you can only have 3 conversations pinned at the same time. If you get a notification telling you “Can’t Pin Conversation”, you need to unpin one of your pinned conversations.

In the next part, you will learn how to pin or unpin people on Snapchat.

How to Pin People on Snapchat?

To pin people on Snapchat, you can do as follows.

Step 1: Open Snapchat on your device and go to the Chat page.

Step 2: locate the one conversation you want to pin and perform a long press on it.

Step 3: When a menu pops up, choose Chat Settings.

Step 4: Then tap on Pin Conversation.

Then in the Chat screen, you will find the conversation has been pinned to the top.

How to Unpin People on Snapchat?

Due to the pinned conversations must be no more than 3, you need to unpin someone to make room for someone else.

To unpin people on Snapchat, you can do similar steps as the pin process.

Step 1: Go to the Chat screen on Snapchat and locate the one you want to unpin.

Step 2: Long-press the pinned conversation and choose Chat Settings from the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Then choose Unpin Conversation in the next menu.

When the process finishes, Snapchat will remove the pin icon from the conversation and move the person down the chat list.

How to Customize the Snapchat Pin Icon?

Normally, Snapchat will give you a thumbtack icon to label the pinned conversations so that you can better identify who you’re your prior choices. If you hope your Snapchat interface gets more customized and interesting, you can switch to a different emoji.

Step 1: Open Snapchat and tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Choose Manage under ADDITIONAL SERVICES.

Step 3: Then in the Manage tab, tap on Friend Emojis.

Step 4: Tap on Pinned Conversation and you will see various icons on your screen.

Step 5: Tap on the Emoji you would like to replace the default one and go back to your chat screen where the new pin icon appears.

Bottom Line:

Snapchat is a popular program and if you don’t know how to pin people on Snapchat, this article can resolve this issue. May you have a good day.

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