HP has released a kind of high-end consumer NVMe SSD – HP EX950 SSD. And this new HP NVMe SSD comes in large storage size and has a good read and write performance. Thus, go on your reading to get more information.

HP Has Released the NEW EX950 M.2 NVMe SSD with Large Capacity

HP, a famous computer company around the world, also steps into the storage market. And recently, HP has launched a kind of new NVMe solid-state drive – HP EX950 SSD. The HP EX950 SSD is a successor of HP EX920 SSD which has been launched in 2018.


Specifications of HP EX950 SSD

Compared with the HP EX920 SSD, the HP EX950 SSD has a better read and write performance since it takes advantage of a new SM2262EN controller rather than the Silicon Motion SM2262 controller.

This new HP NVMe SSD comes in large capacity, ranging from 512GB to 2TB. It uses the Intel/Micron 64-layer 3D NAND flash memory. Thus, the storage density and reliability of this solid-state drive are better than the 2D flash memory.

This HP M.2 SSD has made great progress on the read and write performance. As the 2TB module, the sequential read and write performance can reach up to 3500MB/s and 2900MB/s, coming even closer to the limits of a PCIe 3×4 connection.

In addition, the random read and write rate of this 2TB HP NVMe SSD is about 410,000 and 380,000 IOPS. However, one thing you need to know is that the read and write performance may be varied due to the different hard drive capacity. Thus, for more specifications of other modules, you can refer to the following table.

specifications of HP EX950 SSD

This HP EX950 SSD has the highest performance of the HP’S electronic sports class SSD. It is equipped the PCIe 3×4 transmission channel and supports the NVMe 1.3 standard. Since it has a high transmission rate and it can improve the picture smoothness and presentation effect of action, this HP NVMe SSD would be popular among electronic sports players and high-end consumers.

This HP EX950 SSD has large storage size reaching up to 2TB so that it can store many media files and games. In addition, it consumes little power whenever it is in work or not. This HP EX950 SSD can reduce the game loading time so that it can satisfy the requirements of those game players.

In addition, this HP EX950 SSD has universal compatibility because it is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Android. It doesn’ t need to install any plug-ins and it can be used when you plug it into your computer. At the same time, it supports the DST self-test.

Price and Warranty

HP has provided a 5-year limited warranty for those HP EX950 SSD. However, HP has not announced the price of this NVMe SSD and it would be available soon later.

Final Words

In conclusion, HP plans to launch the newest NVMe SSD – HP EX950 SSD. This new HP NVMe SSD has large capacity which can reach up to 2TB so that users can save lots of media files. The HP EX950 SSD offers high transmission rate and it can reduce the loading time and improve the picture smoothness, thus it is very suitable electronic sports players. In addition, this HP NVMe SSD also has universal compatibility.

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