If your hard disk cannot pass the self-disk test, it means that the disk has some problems and is no longer capable of functioning properly. Many users said they had encountered the hard disk DST failed error when they restart a laptop. In this case, they should use MiniTool Software to ensure the security of hard disk data.

Short DST Failed: a Sign of Hard Disk Failure

There are two kinds of disk self-test: Short DST and Long DST; the term DST is actually the acronym of Disk Self Test. When a short DST is performed on a hard drive, only the major components (such as platters, read/write heads and ROM) will be checked. Generally, the test process only lasts for a few minutes, and you can still use the disk during it.

  • If the main components all function within acceptable parameters, the short DST will be finished.
  • If there is a problem with any of the components, the system will give you a warning message saying that short DST failed.

Fix Hard Drive Short DST Check Failed HP

Usually, the short DST will be executed when you restart the laptop. When any problem is found on the hard drive component, the DST short test cannot be finished successfully. You’ll then see the error message indicating hard disk short DST failure. So how to fix when you find the hard disk short DST failed? There are 3 methods for fixing HP laptop hard drive short DST check failed issue.

Fix 1: check the disk for errors.

  1. If your HP computer is broken and can’t boot up, you need a Windows media driver, such as a CD or a flash drive.
  2. Insert the Windows media driver.
  3. Enter BIOS to change the boot sequence to make OS boot from the recovery drive.
  4. Exit BIOS and save changes.
  5. Select the correct language and click Next in the setup window.
  6. Click Repair your computer.
  7. Select Troubleshoot.
  8. Select Command Prompt in the Advanced Options window.
  9. Type chkdsk /r and hit Enter.
  10. It will scan the disk; if any errors are found, it will try to repair them.
  11. Exit the Command Prompt and restart your computer.
  12. Disconnect the recovery drive.
  13. Change the boot order to let OS boot from hard drive to check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Command Prompt

A lot of users complained that the CHKDSK command has deleted useful files on the hard drive; if you’re one of the victims, please read this page carefully:

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Fix 2: restore to a previous point.

The hard drive short DST failed error may appear when there is software conflict on your HP.

  • If you have installed antivirus software or safeguard software on computer, you should disable it temporarily and see what happens.
  • If it fails to work, please try uninstall the software completely.

There’s a good way to fix the issue: restore your PC to a previous point when the error didn’t occur; you can finish this through System Restore or Reset this PC.

This method only works when the System Restore has been enabled before the short DST failed. The recovery drive is still necessary if you’re not able to enter the OS. Then, do the following things:

  1. Boot from the recovery drive.
  2. Select Troubleshoot.
  3. Select Advanced options.
  4. Choose System Restore.
  5. Choose a proper Restore Point created automatically or manually.
  6. Finish the restore to try to fix the issue.

System Restore

Make The Most Of System Restore In Windows 10: Ultimate Guide.

Fix 3: replace the hard drive with a new one.

If the hard disk short DST failure is actually caused by serious physical damage on your HP hard drive, you have no choice but to give up on the disk.

  • If it is still under warranty, you should contact the service center.
  • If the warranty period has expired, you can only buy a new hard drive.
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