Recently the LPDDR5 memory was announced that this technology will be available in the market in early 2020. At MWC 2019, Western Digital has revealed its new embedded flash storage that is iNAND MC EU511. Here, this post will show you some details about this flash memory chip.

As is well known, 5G is the hot topic at Mobile World Congress this year. 5G networks will bring lower power, lower latency, high network capacities and ultra-fast speeds, which is able to transform smartphones but also billions of interconnected loT (Internet of Things) devices.

However, it is only half the battle that you are able to download data to your laptop, tablet or phone with the lightning speed. To usher in a new era of 5G devices, Western Digital has introduced new embedded flash memory: iNAND EU511 flash memory chip.

Toshiba Releases Industry’s First UFS Ver.3.0 Embedded Flash Chip
Toshiba Releases Industry’s First UFS Ver.3.0 Embedded Flash Chip

Toshiba announces of the release of its first UFS Ver. 3.0 embedded flash chip which targets smartphones, tablets and augmented/virtual reality systems.

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Western Digital iNAND MC EU511 Embedded Flash Storage

The iNAND MC EU511 is ready for many applications and workload, including 5G and flagship smartphones, data-intensive smartphones, Chromebooks, tablets, augmented reality, virtual reality, 4K video, artificial intelligence, and multiple high-resolution cameras.

96-Layer 3D NAND

It is built on Western Digital’s industry-leading 96-layer 3D NAND. And it is powered by a UFS 3.0 flash interface, promising the necessary performance for the next generation of mobile connected devices.


With SmartSLC Gen 6, the flash storage features the turbo Sequential Write speed that can reach up to 750 MB/s. Compared to the predecessor product, it is nearly double the Sequential Read speed. And you can download a 2-hour movie in less than 4 seconds and upload photos to the cloud in record time.

Additionally, Random Read and Write performance is also given a boost, for example, up to 75% Random Read and 27% Random Write performance improvement, which enables Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality workloads compared to predecessor product.

Besides, the iNAND EU511 flash memory chip features iNAND® SmartSLC technology, providing an exceptional user experience by maintaining high SLC (Single Level Cell) performance as the device can utilize the SLC buffer to bypass fragmented media condition to the approach its maximum storage capacity.

Scalability and Design Flexibility

It is available in capacities from 64GB up to 512GB (64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB) within a unified small form factor package of 11.5x13x1.0mm, which can allow for design flexibility and scalability. Besides, the Western Digital iNAND MC EU511 is compatible with a wide range of host and JEDEC compliant devices.

In addition, this flash memory storage features full vertical integration: UFS controller, firmware, assembly and test, 3D NAND technology, designed and developed by Western Digital.

Other Specifications

  1. UFS Version: V3.0 HS-G4
  2. Operating Temperature: -25oC to 85oC
  3. Part Number: SDINEDK4-64G
  4. Package Size: 11.5x13x1.0mm

According to Oded Sagee, senior director, Devices, Western Digital, smartphones are increasingly becoming the center of all things connected. The high-speed 5G networks can be set to deliver data at up to 100X the speed of the previous generations. By Western Digital UFS 3.0 embedded flash drive, you can experience the new power of 5G applications and on-demand seamlessly and instantaneously.

Final Words

Currently, there is no any word yet about any manufacturers or devices that will use the new iNAND EU511 flash memory chip of Western Digital but we are certainly pleased to see the promise of better implementation of the mobile storage options.

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