Keeping all your drivers up-to-date is very important to keep the PC run properly. Sometimes you choose to use an Intel driver update utility – Intel Driver & Support Assistant. How to download, install and use this tool for driver updates? Get the answer from this post and MiniTool will tell you some details.

Having the latest drivers can make sure your PC has a good system performance. Microsoft Update can offer the updates for your drivers or you can get the new drivers via Device Manager. In addition, some of you choose to directly get the latest versions of the driver from the manufacturer’s website, which is a preferred option.

For Intel driver update, you can use a professional Intel driver update tool that is offered by Intel on its website. Of course, you can directly download a driver that you need and install it on your PC. Now, let’s see these two options.

Intel Driver Update/Download (Graphics/Chipset Drivers, etc.)
Intel Driver Update/Download (Graphics/Chipset Drivers, etc.)

This post offers detailed guides for Intel driver update or download on Windows 10/11. Check how to update Intel graphics drivers, chipset drivers, etc.

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Intel Driver Update Utility – Intel Driver & Support Assistant

The professional Intel driver update tool, Intel Driver & Support Assistant (Intel DSA), is the one we will talk about. In earlier versions, Intel Driver & Support Assistant is called Intel Driver Update Utility. And now, this tool has many improved features.

This Intel tool can be used to quickly scan your system for the latest drivers currently available from Intel, easily identify drivers installed by third parties and Intel, and provides personalized & integrated support and links to other support information. The one most noticeable change is that its main interface is now hosted on the website of Intel Support.

This Intel driver update utility won’t collect personal information and it is not adware or spyware. Well then, how to get it to use for a driver update?

Intel Driver Update Utility Download & Install

To use this driver update tool, you need to firstly download it. Just go to the Intel Driver & Support Assistant Download page and click the Download now button to get an Intel-Driver-and-Support-Assistant-Installer exe file.

download Intel DSA

Double-click on the exe file, accept the license terms and conditions, click the Install button to install the tool to your PC.

When you run it, Intel DSA will open a browser page and automatically scan your system for the available updates. If some are detected, they will be displayed and you should download the drivers. After downloading, click Install to start the installation of the available Intel drivers.

download Intel drivers for your PC

Tip: Intel DSA sometimes has issues when installing, for example, it is not installing or setup failed. To get the solutions to the installation issue, refer to this help document from Intel’s website.

Download an Intel Driver and Install Manually

If you don’t want to automatically update your drivers with the Intel driver update utility, you can install your necessary drivers manually.

Just go to the Intel Driver Download Page, select your product, for example, graphics, wireless, chipsets, processors, etc., choose the needed driver version to download, and then double-click the exe file to install the driver for your computer.

How to Uninstall Intel Driver Update Utility?

If you don’t want to use Intel DSA on your PC to update the drivers and want to remove it, how can you do this work?

Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Right-click Intel Driver & Support Assistant and choose Uninstall and then click the Uninstall button in the pop-up window to remove this tool.

uninstall Intel DSA in control panel

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