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External storage support is one of iPadOS’s new features. With this new feature, you can connect various iPad external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, and more to your iPad or iPad Pro. How to make full use of this feature? Read this post to get some related information.

One of iPadOS’s new features is external storage support. Due to this new feature, even if you have opted for the maximum storage capacity of the device, you can still connect external hard drive to iPad to watch movies or transfer some files to a thumb drive to share with your friends.

But, do you know how an external drive works in iOS? Can you directly drag files between the two connected volumes? Is it possible to mount more than one drive at the same time? What about FAT32? Or HFS Plus? And do you need to eject iPad external hard drive safely? Now, find the answers in this post.

How to Connect External Storage for iPad in iPadOS?

The external storage works with any iPad than can run iPadOS, including the latest USB-C iPad Pros, older Lightning iPads, and more.

If you want to connect external hard drive to iPad Pro or iPad, you can just plug it in. The thing will be easier if you have a USB-C drive and a 2018 iPad Pro. If not, an adapter is needed.

If you are using an all-in-one USB-C dock in your iPad, you can easily hook up iPad external hard drive, SD cards, USB sticks by plugging them in. However, if you are using an older iPad, there may be a warning showing that the device requires too much power. In this situation, you need a powered hub.

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How to Use External Storage for iPad?

After connecting one or more iPad external hard drives to the device, you need to look in the Files app. The mounted volumes will be displayed in the left sidebar under Locations. Then, you can tap it to see the contents in the volume. Here, you are allowed to drag and drop data from and to the drive. You can even drag data between devices. For example, you can connect your camera SD card to iPad and then drags files from it to a connected SSD.

Then, you can use the files in the connected external USB drives like any local files. That is, you can view photos, watch movies and listen to music. You can even use the makeup tools on photos.

browse files on iPad external hard drive

However, if you need to restore lost or deleted data from iPad external hard drive, you need to use a free Mac data recovery software to recover data on Mac or a free file recovery tool to retrieve files on Windows.

Do You Need to Eject iPad External Hard Drive Safely?

As long as the operations to the drive end, you can unplug the iPad external hard drive directly.

Bottom Line

All in all, if the external storage can work on Mac, it will also work on iPadOS. All standard thumb drives and SD cards are also available on iPadOS.

On the other hand, any machines that have storage can also work on iPad, such as a digital voice recorder, Kindle, and more.

Now, you know the way to use iPad external hard drives to deal with you work. Try it then.

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