Is Avast Secure Browser Good? How good is Avast Secure Browser? Is Avast Secure Browser better than Chrome? This post from MiniTool shows you some Avast Secure Browser reviews. Besides, you can visit MiniTool to find more Windows tips and solutions.

What Is Avast Secure Browser?

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers around the world and most users use it as the default browser. But, some users also choose to try other browsers, such as Avast Secure Browser.

What is Avast Secure Browser? Avast Secure Browser is a web browser developed by Avast that focuses on Internet Security and privacy. The Avast Secure Browser is based on Chromium and is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Since Avast Secure Browser is based on Chromium, you can use it to access your Chrome account, bookmarks, and most other browser-based access features related to your Chrome account. Besides, it does not provide bells and whistles that tend to bog down the Chrome browser. In this situation, the Avast Secure Browser is more secure and much faster than Chrome.

Is Avast Secure Browser Good?

Is Avast Secure Browser Good? Is Avast Secure Browser safe? These problems have been talked about heavily. So, do you know whether the Avast Secure Browser is good for your computer?

In the following section, we will talk about the main features of Avast Secure Browser.

There is no big difference between Avast Secure Browser and Chrome. The one difference is that you will notice the Security & Privacy Center icon appears by default near the add-ons menu. On the settings menu, you will notice a couple of features included by default.

Avast Adblock: This feature is used to block some ads.

Hack Check: This feature uses passwords technology and Avast’s stolen emails database to check the email addresses you use for potential password leaks.

Avast Secure Browser is a fast and stable Chromium-based browser. It even can find the Chrome bookmarks and cookies and transferred them over without any problems. Besides, the Avast Secure Browser is secure enough. How good is Avast Secure Browser? To start, Avast Secure Browser inherits all security measures from its Chromium base. This means if you visit insecure websites, you will see a warning message which tells you that your connection is not private or other some message.

Is Avast Secure Browser good? There are different voices online. Some people say there are many open, officially agreed upon and silently cued policies that allow social media platforms and search engines to gather data. In addition, it has adopted other steps such as FaceBook facial recognition to tackle terrorism, prevent self-harm, fight online bullying, and compromise other dark areas of Internet activity.

However, some users also say such prevention and good intentions have only a small conversion percentage because there isn’t that much going on in that area at the end of the day.

Hence, if you do not want to use the Avast Secure Browser on your computer, you can choose to uninstall it. You can choose to remove it via the Control Panel, Settings, Registry Editor and the Removal tool. For more detailed instructions, you can read the post: How to Uninstall Avast Secure Browser with These Methods

To sum up, this post has shown what the Avast Secure Browser is. After reading this post, you have known whether the Avast Secure Browser is good or not. If you have any different ideas for Avast Secure Browser, you can leave a message in the comment zone.

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