The total number of Kingston SSD’s shipments in the first half of 2019 is over 13.3 million, which accounts for 11.3% of all manufactures’ global SSDs. Therefore, the Kingston Technology Company has become the third-largest SSDs’ suppliers in the world. If you want to know more information about SSD, then you can visit the MiniTool website.

Kinston Technology Ships 13.3 Million SSDs in the First Half of 2019

According to data compiled by market research firm TrendFocus, Kingston Digital Co., Ltd., the Flash memory branch of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the world's leading memory product and technology solution, announced on October 7 that its shipments in the first half of 2019 exceeded 13.3 million SSDs.

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Kingston becomes the world's third-largest SSD supplier because of the amazing amount, second only to semiconductor manufacturers Samsung and Western Digital, which demonstrates Kingston's strength and position in the market place among the world's leading third-party SSD manufacturers.

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Besides, among all of the manufacturers, Kingston accounted for 11.3% of total global SSD shipments in the first half of this year.

Don Jeanette, vice president of TrendFocus, said that total SSD shipments in all categories continue to grow this year according to TrendFocus’ research.

Besides, TrendFocus’ research finds that client SSDs constitute the bulk of shipments, and the shipments of NVMe PCIe is also increased because of the demand in hyper-scale environments. The storyline of the first half of 2019 is that NAND shipments continue to increase and pricing has bottomed out, thus driving demand for SSDs.

Ariel Perez, Manager of SSDs at Kingston, said that the findings from TrendFocus confirmed the overall scale and importance of Kingston as an independent SSD supplier. For 32 years, Kingston has been a uniform and reliable manufacture of high-performance memory solutions.

Ariel also said: “Over the past decade, customers of all levels have adopted Kingston SSDs ― from the consumer who wants to make their system run faster by upgrading to an SSD to the world’s largest data centers that power Cloud computing ― Kingston is everywhere. It takes an entire team to accomplish this and we both thank and share our success with our partners, vendors and customers”

According to TrendFocus, Kingston's position in the 2.5” form factor client-drive space is matchless because it leads all manufacturers with a huge market share of 27.3%. The company will release its next-generation KC600 SATA 2.5” client SSD on October 21st.

The drive, together with the currently shipping UV500 SATA, KC2000 as well as A2000 PCIe NVMe SSDs, constitutes a suite of high-performance storage solutions that are fully compliant with TCG Opal 2.0.

Now the cyber-attacks and data breaches are becoming more usual in the world, the 256-bit AES hardware-encrypted SSDs can be part of a safe strategy for both consumer and corporate customer security strategy.

In addition to the customer department, Kingston SSD is quickly becoming a force in the corporate SSD market. Later this year, Kingston will increase its portfolio of DC1000M U.2 NVMe SSDs for data centers and workstations that require higher throughput and IOPS.

The drive will join the enterprise SSDs’ data center family for organizations that demand divinable Quality of Service (QoS) and performance consistency, with a focus on both read-intensive and hybrid workload server environments.

Performances and Features Review of Kingston DC500R SSD
Performances and Features Review of Kingston DC500R SSD

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Bottom Line

From this article, you can know that Kingston SSD has been sold over 13.3 million just in the first half of 2019 and Kingston Technology Company has become the third-largest supplier of SSDs.

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