Apple store is carrying the LaCie USB-C drive for Mac to its lineup. And this post will show some detailed information of this LaCie d2 professional USB-C drive. Keep on your reading to get more information.

Apple Increases LaCie USB-C Drive for Mac to Its Lineup

Recently, Apple store seems to increase the LaCie USB-C drive to its lineup. This LaCie d2 professional USB-C drive has good universal compatibility since it is compatible with the modern Mac including the new MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook and MacBook Pro.

And here, we will show some detailed specifications of this LaCie USB-C drive.

Specifications of LaCie USB-C Drive

This LaCie external hard drive comes in two different colors, and they are black and gray, respectively. LaCie d2 professional USB-C drive can effectively increase the capacity of Macs. The hard drive capacity even can increase to 10TB which enables users to save more large files and data. It is more suitable for the professional creative bandwidth-intensive applications.

LaCie external hard drive takes advantage of USB-C interface to realize high transfer performance. And its transfer rate can reach up to 240MB/s which is faster than other hard drives. The universal compatibility of this LaCie USB-C drive enables it to run on many Mac products. Therefore, this large capacity and high speed ensure that LaCie d2 professional USB-C drive is an exceptional choice for storing and browsing a massive RAW Adobe Lightroom library.

LaCie USB-C drive

In addition, it was the first time of LaCie to adopt Seagate BarraCuda Pro, providing advanced performance and reliability.

This LaCie even can charge for a laptop with the USB-C interface and it will make your desk cleaner since no other cables are required.

This LaCie drive is made up of a single piece of aluminum so as to provide excellent robustness and achieve long-term durability.

It is also equipped a quiet fan and a cooling aluminum hard disk to dissipate the heat of the hard disk so as to keep this LaCie USB-C drive work fast and normally and provide a longer lifespan. This LaCie USB-C drive also provides a limit 5-year warranty with Rescue Data Recovery service.

For the rescue data recovery aspect, data loss is a common situation since there are many reasons leading to data loss such as mistakenly deletion or formatting and so on. As a matter of fact, recovering lost data is a tough and costing task. However, don’t worry. The professional data recovery – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can help to get the lost data back with ease.

The LaCie USB-C drive comes in various different capacities. However, the Apple store only sells the 6TB and other capacities are sold on other platforms, such as Amazon.

In fact, Apple and LaCie have a long history. LaCie has been providing external hard drives for Apple customers in its retail locations for years. And this LaCie USB-C drive is used for Mac users to expand their capacity so as to save more large files and data.

Final Words

Apple has increased the LaCie USB-C drive to its lineup. This LaCie USB-C drive contains various advantages, such as excellent performance, huge capacity, universal compatibility, and a durable enclosure. And it enables you to quickly transfer large files. In recent years, external hard drives have been the way to get more storage out your Mac.

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