At the moment, there are two options for you to log to Windows 10, including creating a local account and using a Microsoft account. However, in the future, it is possible that you can log into Windows 10 with Google account. Today, we will show you some information about this news in detail.

Sign into Windows 10 with Google Account

As the most popular desktop operating system at the moment, Windows 10 is Microsoft’s primary foothold into Enterprise. And it is possible that Google and Microsoft has made agreements to further integrate the G Suite into Windows with the expansion of G Suite.

According to a new project that has been uploaded to the Chromium team’s code review site, you may be able to use the Google G Suite account to log into Windows 10.

By using “Google Credential Provider”, Windows 10 is allowed to authenticate enterprise users based on the company’s G Suite account and possible regular Google accounts.

When users log into Windows 10, Microsoft uses credential providers to authenticate users and comes with standard providers, for example using Windows Hello, smart card, passwords or Pin for authentication.

For the third-party developers, they can also create their own credential provider and register Windows 10. This makes users sign in Windows 10 using the third-party authentication process.

In this case, the Google Credential Provider will allow users to log in using the ID Administration (GAIA) and Google Accounts. But, GAIA IDs are created by G Suite administrators, letting this feature limited to enterprise users so far.

Google Credential Provider for Windows

This new provider is spotted on Chromium Gerrit site after it is uploaded and it has been titled “Google Credential Provider for Windows” developed by Chromium developer Roger Tawa.

According to further investigation, the Google Credential Provider will be installed via an executable setup called gcp_installer.exe. Besides, it contains startchromeonfirstlog.cmd, gcp_setup.exe, gcp_eventlog_provider.dll and gaia1_0.dll files.

When launching the installer, it will register the Google credential provider dll, gaia1_0.dll at the path (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\{0B5BFDF0-4594-47AC-940A-CFC69ABC561C} Registry key).

It will also add a link to startchromeonfirstlog.cmd file into the user’s Startup folder so as to configure Chrome to launch automatically at the first log in. And the provider should be available as an additional sign-in option on the next reboot.

According to the findings, it is pretty clear that users will be able to log into Windows 10 with Google account at some point in the future.

Bottom Line

Here are a lot of speculations and the questions it throws up are more than its answers. The part reason for Microsoft account is required for Windows 10 log is to link it to some services like OneDrive.

Well then, what will happen if you choose Windows 10 log with Google account? Or it is for another service for that matter. Of course, this feature is still in the code review process and nobody can guarantee it can through the process but it is an interesting project to keep an eye on.

Tip: No matter which account you use to sign in Windows, system issues always happen all of a sudden. To restore your PC to its previous state, you had better back up the OS with Windows backup software named MiniTool ShadowMaker.
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