Seagate has developed MACH.2 technology and HAMR which is used on hard disk drives. With these two technologies, the hard drive speed can reach up to 480 MB/s. MACH.2 technology attract many users’ attention. Now, we will show you some information about it in this post.

Two Technologies Mastered by Seagate

Seagate has released a financial report recently. According to this report, in the last quarter, the hard disk drive shipment is only 37.16 million which is the lowest record. But the HDD capacity shipment is 92.9 PB.

Now, Seagate has mastered two new and vital technologies in the HDD field.

The first one is MACH.2 technology. Usually, the Exos hard drive capacity is 14 TB. With the MACH.2 technology, the drive speed can reach up to 480 MB/S. This speed is comparable to some SATA SSD drives.

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The other one is HAMR, which is called thermomagnetic assisted magnetic recording technology. Seagate also said that the combination of MACH.2 and HAMR is underdeveloped and it has reached a new record. It is said that this combination is running for 6000 hours and the files volume is 3.2 PB.

Introduce of These Two Technologies

MACH.2 technology is much attractive in these two kinds of technology. It attracts many users’ attention. So, some of you must want to understand it. Now, we will show you some basic information about it.

MACH.2 Technology and Its Usage on Hard Drive

MACH.2 can also be named as the Multi-Actuator multi-driver. You can see the structure from the following picture.

What is the rule of MACH.2 technology? What can you see from the above structure? You know that the current HDD utilizes a multi-head system. But, if you are using MACH.2 technology, you can operate two sets of servo systems at the same time.

You can also understand this technology as the hard drive SLI/CF technology.

You can note that the MACH.2 structure is more complicated. But, don’t worry, it has its own advantage. This technology can highly improve the hard disk’s performance.

You can see that the Seagate’s Exos 14 TB hard drive’s speed can reach up to 480 MB/s. It is the highest speed in the single HDD, and it is 60% higher than the traditional hard drive’s speed which is 15000 RPM.

You can say that the Seagate’s Exos hard drive is a big improvement. According to the report, currently, the MACH.2 hard drive has 18 heads. What can you learn from this number?

According to the develop improvements, an HDD is able to transmit 550 TB files every year. That is to say, it can transmit 2750 TB per 5 years. According to this calculation method, each head of the hard drive can transmit 152 TB data within 5 years in theory.

Seagate Exos 14 TB hard drive applies both MACH.2 and HAMR technologies. Till now, the HARM head is running 6000 hours, said by Seagate. The files transmitted capacity exceeds 3.2 PB. This number is 20 times higher than the industry requirement.

All in all, this hard drive performance is optimized by using MACH.2 technology and the capacity is improved by using HAMR technology.

Seagate announces that this hard drive will be in mass production in 2019 and the capacity can reach 20 TB.

But, the fact is that these two technologies will be mainly used for enterprise using hard drives. For ordinary users, SSD is still the first choice.

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