You need to choose proper microSD cards for phones and cameras in your daily life and work based on your actual requirements. With the development of technology, microSD cards are becoming faster and smaller. Even a new technoly, microSD Express, is underdevelopment. You can read this post to get more details.

It is a truth that you will take more and more picture with your phone and it means that you will need more storage. If your device has a microSD slot, you can upgrade your phone storage space just as easy as popping in a new microSD card.

Some other devices, such as cameras, will not work if there is no memory card thrown in. in addition, they may have more advanced requirements. For example, if you are going to capture pictures with higher resolution and detail, you will need a fast memory card.

Thus, you should know one of the first things about microSD cards for phones and cameras: they are not produced equal. Some of them will be faster than others. According to your actual needs, you may want to use microSD cards with faster speed than others.

For example, if you want to take 4K Ultra HD video, you should know that you will need microSD cards much better than the random five or ten buck ones that merely adds a bit of storage to your device.

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Performance of MicroSD Cards

How can you know the performance of microSD cards for phones and cameras?

Actually, you can get the basic information of their performance from the numbers and letters which are printed on the surface of the card.

For instance, the number in a circle shows you the speed class (like 10 in a circle means 10MB per second). Moreover, UHS means “Ultra High-Speed”. If there is a number in a U, it means the class of its “Ultra High-Speed”.

In general, you need to take the number and multiply by ten for the speed of the card. For example, if there is a 3 in a U, it means it is a UHS-3 card and it works at 30MB per second.

There is also a video class speed which is shown by a letter V and a number. Here, the number indicates how fast the video capable microSD card is. For instance, V30 means 30MB per second and V90 means 90MB per second.

For more information about the cards, you can read our previous post: SD Card Speed Classes, Sizes and Capacities - All You Need to Know.

All in all, the more megabytes per second, the faster the card. The faster the card, the more resolution it can deal with video.

New Technology - MicroSD Express

Generally speaking, 90MB per second is enough for taking some Ultra HD videos. But, WD and SanDisk will tell you: there is more on the way.

A much faster technology which is called microSD Express is likely to come next year. It can deliver faster speeds to your devices.

The expert from Western Digital said that you will not need to do anything. When the new chips come out, they can just work in your phones, tablets, cameras, and more.

The expert also explains more about the technology:

“The microSD Express card is designed to be backward compatible, meaning that it works with the current microSD card slot, no need for firmware upgrade…The PCIe 3.0 that microSD Express card is based on can theoretically supports performance up to 985MB/s which is more than five times the speed comparing with the current cards.”

From the above statement, you see that the next set of microSD cards with microSD Express technology will not just be backwards compatible, It will be faster woo.

That means the next set of microSD cards won’t just be backwards compatible, but faster, too. Now, you can just wait for the release of this set of microSD cards for phones and cameras (perhaps) next year.

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