What are the differences between SSH and SSL? Which one is better? If you are trying to find these questions’ answers, this post is what you need. This post from MiniTool provides the definitions of them as well as the information on SSH vs SSL.

What Is SSH

What does SSH stand for? SSH is also known as the secure shell, which is a method of secure communication with remote computers. SSH is used to interact with the operating shell of another system to execute commands remotely.

SSH can only be used on UNIX-based computers originally, but now you can use it on Windows. SSH is an encryption protocol that creates a tunnel between two remote computers. Maybe, this post – How to Set up SSH Client and Server on Windows 10 [Full Guide] is what you need.


What is SSL or what is TLS? SSL and TLS are mechanisms to protect the security of websites. Although SSL and TLS do much the same thing, TLS gradually replaces SSL in network implementation. They use digital signatures generated by certificate authorities to enable trust between you and providers.

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SSH and SSL/TLS usually have different usages. SSH is used to perform tasks that ordinary Internet users never have to deal with. On the other hand, ordinary Internet users have been using SSL/TLS. The following is the information on SSL vs SSH.


Now, let’s see the similarities between SSH and SSL. First, both SSH and SSL are three-digit abbreviations that start with the same letter. Next, these are the two protocols used in secure connections. Finally, both of them use encryption to protect the data passed between two network devices.


Just now, you have known the similarities between SSH and SSL. Then, let’s see the differences between SSH and SSL.

1. SSH runs on port 22, while SSL runs on port 443.

2. SSH is based on network tunnels, and SSL is based on certificates.

3. Technically, SSH is used to protect the computer network, while SSL is used to protect online data transmission.

4. SSH uses a username/password authentication process to establish a secure connection, while SSL does not consider it.

5. SSL is used to securely transfer key information such as credit cards and banks. And SSH is used to execute commands securely on the Internet.

6. SSL usually (except for exceptions) uses X.509 digital certificates for server and client authentication, while SSH does not.

7. SSL is used to encrypt the communication between the browser and the server. On the other hand, SSH is used to encrypt communication between two computers on the Internet.

8. In SSL, the communication is authenticated by the private/public key pair. In SSH, communication is authenticated through private/public key pairs or username/password pairs.

9. Another major difference is that SSH has more built-in features than SSL. It helps you login to the server and executes commands remotely, and SSL does not have this feature. To achieve this function, you need to pair it with other protocols – HTTP, FTP.

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Final Words

Here is all the information on SSH vs SSL. After reading this post, you should know what SSH and SSL are. And from this post, you have known that the similarities and differences between SSH and SSL.

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