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What Is Stereo (Stereophonic) Sound?

Stereo sound, also stereophonic sound, is a sound reproduction method that creates a 3D or multi-directional audible perspective. It usually uses two or more independent audio channels by configuring two or more loudspeakers/stereo headphones. It creates a sound effect heard from various directions. Stereo sound has been commonly used in entertainment media like broadcast radio, recorded music, television, computer audio, cinema, etc.

Stereo speakers are two speakers built into a single device. They are normally positioned on the left and right sides of the device. Each speaker uses the respective channel of stereo sound.

Does Stereo Sound Better than Mono? Stereo sound isn’t necessarily better than mono sound. Stereo audio sounds wider, more detailed, and more realistic.

Best Home Stereo Systems

  • PHILIPS FX10 Bluetooth Stereo System for Home with CD Player, MP3, USB, FM Radio, Bass Reflex Speaker, 230 W, Remote Control Included
  • PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System for Home with CD Player, Wireless Streaming, MP3, USB, Audio in, FM Radio, 15W, Micro Music Sound System
  • JENSEN JTA-475B 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with CD System, Cassette, and AM/FM Stereo Radio
  • Magnavox MM441 3-Piece CD Shelf System with Digital PLL FM Stereo Radio, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, and Remote Control in Black | Blue Colored Speaker Lights | LED Display | AUX Port Compatible |
  • Magnavox MM451 3-Piece Tray Loading CD Shelf System with Digital PLL FM Stereo Radio, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, and Remote Control in Black | LCD Display | AUX Port Compatible |
  • Innovative Technology Victrola Bluetooth CD Stereo System, Silver
  • Sony Compact Stereo Sound System for House with Bluetooth Wireless Streaming NFC, Micro Hi-Fi 50W, CD/DVD Player with Separate Speakers, FM Radio, Mega Boost, USB Playback and Charge, Remote Control

How to Record Computer Screen and Audio for Free

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