Are you looking for the best Synology DS119j compatible hard drives now? If so, you had better check this post. Here, we show you two kinds of hard drives which us compatible with Synology DS119j. Please read this post to learn them.

Are you a Synology DS119j user? Perhaps, you are looking for the best Synology DS119j compatible hard drives. Now, in this post, we will show you two excellent choices.

Seagate IronWolf

The Seagate IronWolf owns a family of hard drives which are specially designed for Network Attached Storage device. It is a reputable brand. Thus, you can use it with confidence.

These drives have some features which you can’t find in the traditional desktop drives, like continuous operation and sport advanced. And these features bring them the reputation.

Clicking Hard Drive Recovery Is Difficult? Absolutely No
Clicking Hard Drive Recovery Is Difficult? Absolutely No

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Who Should Buy Seagate IronWolf Hard Drive

When you are using the Synology DS119j or any NAS for that matter, you will need a NAS hard drive, or at least a hard drive which is designed for continuous use.

Of course, you can use a desktop hard drive which you may use on your personal computer normally. However, we don’t recommend it to you in this situation, especially when you need to save some sensitive files.

We think you need to search for a better storage solution. And except Seagate IronWolf, no other hard drive can be a better choice.

Is It a Good Time to Buy Seagate IronWolf Hard Drives?

Then, you may ask this question: is it a good time to buy this hard drive now? Of course, it is never a bad time to buy such a mechanical hard drive. The prices of this hard drive are low, and they are really the excellent choice for NAS use now.

The reasons to buy Seagate hard drives are various, like excellent value, solid reliability, rated for long hours of use. And it is specially designed for NAS. These reasons are sufficient enough.

With Seagate Ironwolf, you can save photo albums, important documents, or multimedia for a Plex server. And its capacity can range from 1TB up to 12TB. It is a drive for every NAS user.

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Your Best Choice for Synology DS119j Compatible Hard Drives

Seagate Ironwolf hard drives are using some considerably advanced technology which supports continuous operation in networked storage.

Unlike the traditional desktop hard drives, the Seagate IronWolf hard drives not only offer the enhanced performance and reliability, but also are certified for use in NAS with up to eight bays.

More importantly, these hard drives can run 24/7. Also, the capacities of the hard drives are various including 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 7TB, 8TB, and 10TB with 3-year warranties.

But, there are something you need to know: only the 4TB and above IronWolf drives support rotational vibration sensors; and the 6TB and above models have better performance which can run at 7,200 RPM.

Besides, if you pursue better performance, you can choose to use IronWolf Pro which is the next generation with more expensive but has increased supported bays, workload rates, and an extended limited warranty.

Western Digital - Alternatives to Seagate Ironwolf

You may ask, is there an alternative to Seagate IronWolf. Of course, If you don’t want to use Seagate hard drives, you can choose Western Digital Red family hard drives, which are also the dedicated drives for NAS which can work with a Synology DS119j.

Now, you must know which the best Synology DS119j compatible hard drives are. Just make a quick decision when you make your choice.

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