If you are going to buy a portable computer, laptop and tablets would be great candidates. Tablet vs laptop: which one to select? Laptop or tablet? You can make a wise choice based on the thorough understanding of both two devices. Here, MiniTool will illustrate them with details.

What Is Tablet

Tablet computer usually is referred to as tablet. It is a portable device with a mobile operating system and touchscreen display. Besides, tablet has rechargeable battery. As a computer, tablet can do what personal computers do.

Note: Modern tablets can run systems like Microsoft Windows 10.

However, tablet doesn’t have some input/output abilities that other computers have. The touchscreen display is controlled by gestures rather than mouse, trackpad, and keyboard of large computers. The tablet can be categorized into slate and booklet based on the presence and appearance of physical keyboard.

Tip: In order to make up for the lack of physical keyboard, most tablets allow you to connect an independent keyboard to them via Bluetooth or USB.

What Is Laptop

A laptop is also called laptop computer, which is a small and portable personal computer. The laptop has a clamshell form factor that is used to open up to utilize the computer. If you don’t use it, you can fold it. This feature enables you to bring out easily.

what is laptop

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Make a Comparison Between Tablet and Laptop

Learning laptop vs tablet pros and cons is helpful for making a choice between them. So, what pros and cons do the laptop tablet have? Well, there’s no absolute answer to this question. For instance, the touchscreen display of tablet is convenient for some people on the purpose of casual web surfing. But it is regarded as a drawback for people who prefer to regular keyboard.

Besides, you can compare tablet and laptop on some important aspects to find their respective pros and cons. By doing so, you will have a further understanding of them and make a smart decision after that.

Desktop VS Laptop: Which One to Get? See Pros and Cons to Decide!
Desktop VS Laptop: Which One to Get? See Pros and Cons to Decide!

Desktop vs laptop: which one should you choose? Now you can know some pros and cons of them from this post to make a decision.

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Tablet vs Laptop: Operating System

The previous tablets run on mobile operating systems that is similar to those power cellphones, while the modern tablets run on PC operating systems like Microsoft Windows 10. Hence, tablet and laptop don’t have much difference on this aspect.

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Tablet vs Laptop: Processor

Tablets don’t have internal fans like laptops. Instead, they rely on different, lower-performing processors that generates less heat and consumes less battery power. In addition, tablet CPUs are highly capable.

Tablet vs Laptop: Portability

The majority of tablets weight under 2 pounds, while the smallest laptops weigh more. Not to mention the profile on the laptop that is larger than most tablets. Moreover, laptops contain more powerful components that require extra cooling, which increase size. In a word, tablet is more portable than laptop.

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Tablet vs Laptop: Battery Life

As mentioned earlier, tablets rely on lower-performing processor. What’s more, the power requirements of tablets hardware components are low. In a word, tablets are efficiency.  Differently, laptops use more powerful hardware.

The battery takes up a much smaller percentage of the space required for its internal components. Given to that fact, laptops won’t run as long as tablets even with higher capacity battery.

If you want to know the health condition of your laptop, perform a battery test now.

Tablet vs Laptop: Capacity

To drop down the size and cost of tablet, manufacturers use solid-state drive (SSD) to store programs and data. This technology has a limited storage capacity. Hence, most tablets only have 16GB to 128GB storage.

On the contrary, laptops hold more space because of hard disk drive. Due to the features like USB ports and MicroSD cards, you can add external storage for both tablets and laptops.

Tablet vs Laptop: Price

Last but not least, price is also an important aspect when making the decision between tablet and laptop. The startup price for tablet is as low as $50, while a cheapest laptop charges you about $ 150. For high-end tablets, they can go as high as $1000. While for particular high-end tablets and hybrid devices, they will charge you more.

As for laptops, the mainstream series will cost you about $800. And the high-end laptops will charge you $1000 to $5000.

Laptop vs tablet: which one is better? You may have your answer now!

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