Western Digital unveiled the Ultrastar Serv24-4N four-node NVMe all-flash and the Ultrastar Serv24+6 hybrid storage server platforms on August 5, 2019. The firm provides customer with these new building blocks for software-defined storage (SDS), high-performance, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), data-intensive, and edge environments.

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What the important and urgently needed thing for the organizations is to buy a platform which supports store, protect, and access the data at scale.

Technologies such as SDS and HCI can do a favor because they can decrease costs and are scalable. So the Western Digital storage server, Ultrastar Serv24-4N and Ultrastar Serv24 + 6, came into being. They have the ability to address the issues above.

In addition, they can be used in several other cases such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), remote office/branch offices (ROBO), test/development environments, edge/IoT and video surveillance environments, facilitating data backup and disaster recovery (DR) and so on.

Ultrastar Serv24-4N

To meet high-performance HCI requirements, the company is aiming to launch the Ultrastar Serv24-4N. The Ultrastar Serv24 combines NVMe SSDs and the newest Intel Xeon CPUs in the same unit to provide a performance-optimized platform for Software-Defined Storage (SDS). You can customize core count, chipset, and power to match various data workload and performance requirements.

Ultrastar Serv24-4N is designed to deliver better performance for SDS environments whether as part of a scale-out deployment or a stand-alone file server. Depending on the low latency and consistently high bandwidth, data can be accelerated to the speed of flash.

The main features of Ultrastar Serv24-4N:

  • Equipped with four server nodes with each having double CPUs with full, 24 PCIe lanes to six SSDs, extracting the full performance potential of NVMe.
  • Equipped with 24 NVMe SSDs includes a serious capacity and endurance options
  • Maximizes networking performance through three x16 PCIe slots per node.
  • Provides enterprise-class reliability and high availability with capacities up to 184TB.

Ultrastar Serv24+6

Those products that need high density will get benefits from the Ultrastar Serv24+6. The ID of the 2U storage server is designed around high density and is also applied to data-intensive applications. Ideal use cases include media streaming, file services, IoT data gathering, video surveillance, big data analytics, and backup and archive.

Key functions include:

  • Through innovative solutions to maximize the capacity density, 24 HDD can be provided at just 2U, followed by 4 additional HDD with a maximum capacity of up to 420TB.
  • Provides options of the newest high-performance Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, supporting customers to match processing capability with their workloads and power budget.
  • Provides the flexibility in choosing SAS or SATA HDDs to keep the balance of application performance and cost requirements.
  • Provides mixed support with up to six NVMe SSDs in the rear bays for accelerating a data tier to elevate application performance.


Both the Ultrastar Serv24-4N and Ultrastar Serv24+6 storage servers provide 5-year limited warranty. This quarter, multiple configurations’ Ultrastar Serv24-4N will be delivered to the company’s worldwide network of distribution and channel partners. The sample of Ultrastar Serv24+6 is provided now and will be available in volume by September.

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