Many people encountered all kinds of Warzone Dev error 5573 but the Warzone Dev error 5573 often drives players crazy and destroys their immersion into the game. The error can be recoverable. This article on MiniTool Website will tell you how to resolve this issue.

What Causes the Warzone Dev Error 5573?

First of all, most of game errors might be caused by corrupted or missed game files. No matter you are computer players or console players, missing game files can be the culprit of Dev error 5573 in Warzone.

Besides, you’d better check the game version because some bugs or glitches exist in your game and that might be fixed by regular updates for Windows and console. For detailed steps, you can continue your reading.

How to Fix the Warzone Dev Error 5573 on Computers?

Fix 1: Check Your Game Files

To verify the integrity of your game files, you can scan and repair your game files by

Before you start the move, please ensure that Call of Duty Modern Warfare is completely closed and no background process related to it is running.

Step 1: Go to the program and find Call of Duty: Warzone and choose it.

Step 2: Then in the right-hand section of the screen, click on Options and choose Scan and Repair.

Step 3: In the pop-up window, choose Begin Scan and wait for the operation to complete.

After the scan and fix finishes, you need to restart Warzone and see if the Call of Duty Warzone Dev error 5573 has been gone.

Fix 2: Update Warzone

Regular updates are important for your better game experience. Therefore, if your game version is outdated, please follow the next steps to update your Warzone.

Step 1: Open your and go to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Step 2: Click on Options and then choose the Check for updates option.

After the update, please restart your Warzone and check if the issue has been resolved.

Fix 3: Update Windows

If you are computer users, please update your Windows. Here is your way.

Step 1: Press the Windows logo key and the I key together to open your Settings and then choose Update & Security.

Step 2: In the Windows Update tab, you can click Check for updates and then the update will start.

You can follow the screen instruction and finish the update installation. That might take some time and once the installation finishes, restart your computer and open your Warzone to check the Dev error 5573.

How to Fix the Warzone Dev Error 5573 on Console?

Fix 1: Check the Internet Connection

If you are using console, a poor Internet connection might be the reason. You can improve your network performance by getting closer to your Wi-Fi source and reducing other unnecessary network occupied devices.

Or you can try to restart your router and modem, if you need a help for specific steps, please refer to this article: How to Restart a Router and Modem Properly.

Fix 2: Rebuild the PS4 Database

If the above methods are proved of no use, you can try to rebuild the PS4 database.

Step 1: Turn off your PS4 first and then press and hold the Power button until your console beeps twice.

Step 2: Then connect your controller with a USB cable and press the PlayStation button.

Step 3: You will see the Safe Mode menu and then choose Rebuild Database.

This method might resolve your issue or you can uninstall and reinstall your Warzone.

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Bottom Line:

The above methods are easy to follow and every step are clearly mentioned. You might have your understanding for the Warzone Dev error 5573 and that can be recoverable.

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