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Windows 11 oobesettings something went wrong

Windows 10/Windows 11 oobesettings something went wrong is a common error when setting up the system firstly. If you are running into this oobesettings error, how can you get rid of the trouble from your PC? Refer to this post and you can find some useful solutions provided by MiniTool Solution.

Windows 10/Windows 11 Oobesettings Error

When you first set up the Windows PC, you have to go through a process – choose the language/region, set up a PIN, accept the license agreement, connect to the internet, log in with, sign up for a Microsoft Account, and more. This is called OOBE, short for Out of the Box Experience by Microsoft.

Usually, the setup process can finish without any issue. But, sometimes you get the error message saying “Something went wrong.

But you can try again.


This error is mainly caused by some faulty settings inside the Windows registry. This issue doesn’t involve hardware and you can easily remove it.

Fixes for Oobesettings Error Windows 11/10

Try Again

The first thing you can do is to press the Try again button at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes this can fix the error and you can continue to complete the setup of Windows 11/10. If the error of oobesettings something went wrong still appears, try other methods below.

Restart the System

Sometimes a simple restart can fix some system issues. If you are bothered by Windows 11 oobesettings something went wrong, you can also have a try.

Just press the power button to force shut down the PC and then press this button to reboot it. Then, Windows will ask you to configure OOBE settings again. If you still get the oobesettings error, continue the troubleshooting tip.


How to perform an SFC scan in Windows 10/11? Here are the steps you should follow.

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Step 1: Type cmd to the search bar, right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.

Step 2: Type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

This process can take some time and you should wait until the verification reaches 100%. After that, reboot your PC and see if the oobesettings error is removed.

Fix Windows Registry

If there is something wrong with the Windows registry items, you can get the Windows 10/Windows 11 oobesettings error. To get rid of the issue, try to fix the registry by following the steps below.

Step 1: Type regedit to the search bar and click Registry Editor from the result.

Step 2: Go to the location - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/Memory Management.

Step 3: Go to the right pane, right-click on the CommitLimit value and choose Delete.

Step 4: Reboot the PC to check if the error has been fixed.

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Reset This PC

If all of these methods cannot work to fix Windows 10/Windows 11 oobesettings something went wrong, the last way you can try is to reset your PC.

In Windows 11, go to Settings > System > Recovery, click the Reset PC button from the Reset this PC section, choose the desired option to reset, and select the way of reinstalling that you want. Then, click Reset to start the process.

In Windows 10, go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and click Get started from the Reset this PC section. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to start the PC resetting process.

After trying all the solutions, Windows 10/Windows 11 oobesettings error should be fixed and you can set up the PC so that you can use it. Just have a try.

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