This post illustrated by MiniTool Software mainly teaches you five methods to fix sound cuts out issues when switching programs in Windows 11 OS. Read the details below to select one that suits your situation.

Like what Windows 10 users have experienced, a lot of Windows 11 users also claimed that their sound cuts out when shifting between applications. Luckily, you can make use of similar solutions to deal with this satiation.

Solution 1. Update Correct Sound Driver

Sometimes, the audio cuts down for related the driver is out of date. If so, just updating the driver will solve the problem.

1. Open Windows 11 Device Manager.

2. Find and unfold Sound, video and game controllers option.

3. In the sub-option, right-click on the target sound driver and select Update driver.

update audio driver

4. Then, you can choose Search automatically for drivers or Browse my computer for drivers.

how do you want to search for drivers

5. If you choose the first option, just follow the instruction to complete. If you select the second option, you need to manually find a proper driver from your computer.

manually find audio drivers on your computer

6. If you can remember where you have saved the sound drivers on your machine, you can browse them on the PC. Otherwise, just click Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

7. Then select the device driver you want to install for this hardware. If you have a disk that contains the driver you’d like to install, click Have Disk.

select the device driver you want to install for this hardware

8. It will warn you about the potential risk of installing the selected driver like hardware not working or even computer not working. If you are sure this is the right driver, just continue the installation.

9. You need to restart the machine after driver installation.

windows has successfully updated your drivers

Tip: You may directly update the operating system to receive possible audio driver updates.

Solution 2. Roll Backup Driver

Sometimes, update drivers won’t help but downgrade drivers. Just choose Properties in the right-click list of the target driver in Device Manager. Then, in the properties window, go to the Driver tab and select the Roll Back Driver option. If the Roll Backup Driver option is grayed out, it means that there isn’t any previous version of this driver.

roll back driver of sound/audio

Solution 3. Reinstall Audio Driver

Besides, you can try to reinstall sound drivers to fix the Windows 11 sound cuts out when changing applications issue. Just select Uninstall device in the right-click menu of target driver in Device Manager. After the uninstallation, you need to restart the PC to make the system automatically reinstall the correct sound driver.

#4 Alter Sound Enhancement Settings

Moreover, you can change the settings of your sound enhancement.

1. Navigate to Windows 11 Settings > System > Sound > More sound settings.

select more sound settings

2. In the new popup, switch to the Communications tab.

3. There, select Do nothing under When Windows detects communications activity.

do nothing when Windows detects communications activity

4. Click Apply > OK.

5. Shift to the Playback Click on the default sound device and select Properties.

sound playback settings

6. In the next Properties window, move to the Enhancements tab and check Disable all sound effects.

disable all sound effects

7. Finally, click Apply > OK.

Solution 5. Change Speaker Settings

Furthermore, you can change your speaker settings to try to handle the Windows 11 sound cuts out when changing applications problem.

1. In the above more sound settings window, under the Playback tab, select your default audio device and click the Configure button.

2. Click Next to continue the sound test.

choose your speaker configuration

3. Uncheck the Front left and right to go on.

untick front left and right

4. Click Finish.

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