Whether in life or in the process of using computer, you may suffer from an inability to concentrate, which greatly reduces your efficiency. If you want to solve the problem of not being able to concentrate when using a computer, this article can help you well.

If you’re using a Windows system, you’ll have some Windows hidden secrets in your computer. From which, you can use the specific Windows tricks to help you focus:

Automatic Dark Mode

Automatic Dark Mode is one of the Windows display tricks to help you focus on the present activity. In a May 2019 update, Microsoft added a new “light” mode to Windows 10 to complement its existing dark theme. It makes the taskbar, Start menu, and some application menus in dark gray.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide automatic switch, and you need to manually adjust the pattern you need, depending on the situation. If that bothers you, don’t worry, you can use the Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode program to switch between light and dark modes based on the time of a day.

You can set the light and dark times yourself, or automatically switch between sunrise and sunset depending on your orientation (For the latter option, you must click Windows Settings > Privacy > Location to authorize APP location access).

Eliminate Blue Light at Night

When using computer at night, the blue light on the screen may cause indelible damage to your eyes. You can use another Windows display tricks to help you focus – Night Light mode, which can make your screen look warmer with less blue light.

The steps to set up Night Light mode are very simple. You just need to click Windows Settings > Display and then select Night light settings.

To better control the display temperature, see the free app F.lux. F.lux, not only provides a single temperature slider for night mode, but also has three separate levels during the day, sunset and night. You can achieve your purpose by setting Adjust day and night colors together in the menu of F.lux.

eliminate blue light at night

Grayscale Mode for Maximum Concentration

To enable built-in Grayscale Mode of Windows 10, go to Settings > Easy of Access > Color filter. Click on the switch to enable Turn on color filters and then select a color filter to see elements on the screen better or select a colorblindness filter to make the nine colors on the wheel more distinct from the list below.

Tip: You can check on the option box to enable shortcut key Windows+Ctrl+C to toggle filter on or off without revisiting this menu.

Dim One or More Monitors

If you are a multi-monitor user, you must have met this situation: neck soreness caused by opening different apps on multiple monitors and then staring at screens that deviated from the center for a long time. With the free PangoBright application, you can lower the brightness of the display directly from the system tray, thus you can focus on the main screen.

dim monitors

Bottom Line

The four methods above are fairly straightforward Windows display tricks to help you focus. There is another way for multi-monitor users, and if all four of the above don’t meet your requirement, you can try the “super” method.

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