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Windows tips for Mac users

In general, it is a common phenomenon that the Mac users may be unfamiliar with the Windows OS. They may often search about how to switch from Windows to Mac. Therefore, we believe that they may need some help. This post will list some Windows tips for Mac users.

Windows Tips for Mac Users

When a user who is always using MacOS has to use the Windows operating system, he may encounter some problems because he is unfamiliar with the Windows. And he also always searches on engines to look for some help.

Of course, some enthusiastic net friends will give him some assists to help him out. Here, this post will show some Windows tricks for Mac users. After reading this post, you can easily switch Windows to Mac or switch Mac to Windows.

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On Windows, you can right-click the mouse to get a context menu. On Mac, you can Control-click the item to access commands or perform actions in the shortcut menu. So from the above information, you can find there is no big difference between the Mac and Windows.

Launch Apps

On Windows, you can click the Start menu or the taskbar to launch an application or a program, files or folder. You can also send a shortcut of the application to the desktop, and then double-click the shortcut to launch an application. On Mac, you can launch apps and return to active applications using the Dock.

Application Menu

On Windows, the application menu is at the top of the active applications window. You will see the contents of that menu change once flicking through different Windows. Meanwhile, the application menu on MacOS is the same place as the Finder at the top of the display.

File Explorer and Finder

On Windows, users can look for the files or folders on their PC through the File Explorer. On Mac, Mac users can use the Finder to track their files and applications. As a matter of fact, the File Explorer is similar to Finder.

How to access external hard drive?

On Windows, you can see the external hard drive until you open the File Explorer or use the My Computer or use This PC. On Mac, you will see the external hard drives appearing in a Finder window.

Cycle through open Apps

On Windows, just press the Alt-Tab keys to cycle through the open applications.

cycle through open apps

Quit apps

On windows, you can click the red X button at the upper right corner of the window you are in. If the application is unresponsive, you can use the Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete keys to quit the apps.

Keyboard confusion

In fact, there are some keys with the same functions on Windows and Mac. The Windows key is equivalent of Command key on Mac. The Alt on Windows is equivalent of Options on Mac. The Backspace is equivalent of Delete.

Keyboard shortcut

On Windows, you can press the Windows key and M or D key to show desktop. You can press the Ctrl key and W key to close the current window.

Delete files

On Windows, you can just move the unwanted files to the Recycle Bin. Or you can also press Delete files. If you want to permanently delete a file, press Shift and Delete key together.

All in all, here list 10 tips for running Windows on a Mac. And we do not list all, some other tips can be found during your own use.

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Final Words

To sum up, this post has introduced 10 Windows tips for Mac users. If you want to run Windows on Mac or switch Windows on Mac, this post may help you a lot.

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