Some people don’t like the wired monitor and they prefer the wireless monitor. Although this technology is fairly new, there are some reliable options on the market. Then, this post from MiniTool introduces 3 great wireless monitors for you.

If you want to purchase a wireless monitor but don’t know how to choose it, you can read the following part carefully.

What Should You Consider?

Before purchasing a wireless monitor, there are some tips for you.


When you try to purchase a wireless computer monitor, first you should consider is the size. Although a widescreen with stunning graphics look great, this is not the only consideration. You should choose the size based on your preference and the accommodation.

Audio Quality

For some people, audio quality is not important for them. However, if you are a music lover or movie lover, it’s recommended to choose a wireless monitor that can provide clear audio. You should look for the built-in speaker options as well.

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Color and Display

You should also pay more attention to color and display. Bright colors, clear resolution, and good edges are also important. The better the aspect ratio of the screen, the better its appearance. It’s essential for those people who love playing the computer game.

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Top 3 Wireless Monitors in 2020

Now, I will introduce some wireless computer monitors or wireless monitor for laptop.

Top 1: Dell S2317HWi

The top 1 wireless monitor is Dell S2317HWi. The display not only makes full use of Wireless Connect technology but can also act as a wireless charging station for smaller devices. The display has a full HD screen, a bright display, a built-in 3W speaker, and numerous connection jacks. However, it’s not fully compatible with all systems.


  • Clear display
  • Truly wireless
  • Crisp 3W speakers
  • Stunning display
  • Acts as a charging dock
  • Multiple connections
  • Affordable price point


It’s not fully compatible with all systems.

Top2: Dell Ultrasharp U2417HWi

The next one is Dell Ultrasharp U2417HWi. The device uses ultra-thin bezels and bright, vivid colors to create a vivid display that looks great on a 23.8-inch screen. It also has full compatibility across all operating systems and has four USB 3.0 ports.

However, it’s more expensive than Dell's other monitors. It doesn’t have wireless charging or built-in speakers.


  • Dual Screencast with WiFi
  • Gorgeous 23.8-inch screen
  • USB 3.0
  • Great colors and display
  • Ultrathin bezels
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Four USB ports


  • Expensive
  • No wireless charging
  • No built-in speakers

Top 3: Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Display Adapter

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is not a monitor, but it does allow you to wirelessly connect or stream certain services to the monitor. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is one of the cheapest ways to add wireless technology to the home.

The frame rate of this small box is very high, allowing you to browse the web or watch programs without loss of quality.


  • Not a lot of hardware
  • HDMI and USB-A plugs
  • Extremely affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Don’t need to download additional software


  • Not great for gaming
  • Doesn’t work with modern cellphones

Final Words

After reading, have you selected the best wireless monitor? If you have any doubts about the 3 wireless monitors, please leave a message in the following comment zone.

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