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How Can I Recover Deleted Images? Find the Answer in This Post

Images Are Missing!

Digital image file has five main types, and they are TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and Raw Image Files. In general, digital image files are saved on the storage devices such as external hard drive, internal hard drive, USB flash drive, memory stick, SD card, and so forth. However, images may be missing by accident. For instance, you may delete them unexpectedly, or they disappear for virus attack. If these deleted images are important to you, you must want to find a way to recover deleted images.

Normally, a piece of image recovery software can be used to undelete images. Since you want to retrieve deleted images in a safe and reliable way, we strongly recommend you to use the professional MiniTool Photo Recovery. This is a totally free tool which is able to recover deleted or lost photos and videos from digital camera, memory card, USB flash drive, hard drive, and more. In addition, this software has both Windows version and Mac version for you to choose. You can download and install it to your computer to undelete images.

How to Recover Deleted Images with MiniTool Photo Recovery

With this free photo recovery tool, you can do image recovery with several simple steps: select the target storage device to scan > choose the images you want to recover from the scan result interface > assign a path to save them. Here, the following content is the step-by-step guidance of recovering deleted images with this software.

Here, you should notice that when you discover that the images are deleted by mistake, please stop using the storage device as soon as possible, because if the original images are overwritten by new data, the deleted images will become unrecoverable.

Suppose that you want to recover some deleted images from the computer internal hard drive E.

First of all, you need to open the software and enter its main interface (see the following picture). Then you should click on the lower left side button "Start".


Second, you will see that your computer hard drives are listed on this interface as follows. Then, you should select drive E, and then click on "Scan" button.



With this software, you are allowed to select the image types you want to recover: press "Setting" option on "Select Device" interface > check the image types you want to recover from the submenu > click "OK".


Third, it will take some minutes to finish the scanning process, and then you will enter the scan result interface. Here, you need to check the items you want to recover and click on "Save" button to select a location on the computer to save them.



Don't save the selected images to the source drive. Otherwise, the deleted images will be overwritten and become unrecoverable.

See! With this free image recovery software, you can get deleted images back easily.

At the end of this part, we also recommend you another powerful program which can be used to recover all your lost or deleted files, and it is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This software has five recovery modules: "Undelete Recovery", "CD/DVD Recovery", "Digital Media Recovery", "Lost Partition Recovery" and "Damaged Partition Recovery".


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Bottom Line

Here in this post, we introduce you free MiniTool Photo Recovery to recover deleted images. With this tool, you can easily scan the target device, find the deleted items, and save them to a safe location. Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us by leaving a message to the following comment zone, or sending an email to [email protected]. You can also tell us your suggestions and good ideas. Thank you!